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Tag Results for "Gery Chico"

Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor of Chicago

Former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been decidedly elected Mayor of Chicago and will not face a run off in April against any of the other five other Mayorial candidates. continue reading »

Will There Be a Run-Off in Chicago’s Mayoral Race? The Answer is Up to Hispanics

With the Mayoral Election in Chicago this Tuesday, the number one question is –Will Rahm Win or be forced into a Runoff? The answer is up to Chicago’s growing Hispanic Vote. continue reading »

Chico Campaign Digs out Immigration Reform (or Lack Thereof) to Ding Emanuel

I have been wondering how long it would take before immigration reform (actually, the failure of anything to take place on that issue) would become an issue in the municipal elections continue reading »

JUST IN: Supreme Court Rules 7-0 for Rahm, He Remains on the Ballot for Chicago Mayor

The Illinois Supreme Court has rendered their decision on Rahm Emanuel’s ability to be on the Chicago Mayoral ballot for the February 22, 2011. continue reading »

As Black Wards Add Voters, Latino Wards Fall Behind

Since November's midterm elections, Chicago has seen a jump in the number of registered voters, but Latinos do not seem to be registering as much as their fellow minorities, the African-American population. continue reading »

Gutierrez Expected to By-pass Emanuel and Endorse Gery Chico For Chicago Mayor

The Chicago News Cooperative is reporting that Rep Luis Gutierrez ( D-Il) is expected to throw his support to Gery Chico for Chicago’s upcoming mayoral election. continue reading »

Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico has Raised 2.5 Million for Race

Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico has released his fundraising totals weeks before the required January 20th date. Clearly an effort to show himself as a strong contender against Rahm Emanuel the current front-runner. continue reading »

Chico Picks Up Chicago’s Latino Cops’ Endorsement

Mayoral hopeful, Gery Chico picked up an endorsement this week from yhr Latin American Police Association (LAPA) and the Mexican American Police Organization (MAPO). continue reading »

Emanuel May Not Send His Children to Chicago Public Schools if Elected

As the race for Chicago’s next mayor heats up, Rahm Emanuel has found himself in the middle of yet another controversy. Tuesday, Emanuel said he would not commit to sending his three children to Chicago Public schools if he is elected, continue reading »

Mayoral Ballot Listings: Davis 1st, Chico Last

A lottery to chose the order of names on the Chicago mayoral ballot was held Wednesday. Gery Chico finds himself at the bottom of the list after yesterday's drawing, and veteran Congress continue reading »

Your Guide to Chicago’s 2011 Mayoral Candidates

With the field now set for the upcoming February 2011 Chicago mayoral election, it’s time to recap the candidates and make some predictions. At first glance, I was surprised that for the first time ever, there isn’t a single viable White, non-Jewish candidate on the ballot. We seem to be headed into uncharted waters. The field is split between two factions – pro-Machine Democrats continue reading »

Chico Picks Up Two Endorsements in Run for Chicago Mayor

Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico, has (nearly) picked up two endorsements this week. Edward Burke said he has all but officially announced his endorsement of Gery Chico in t continue reading »

Mayoral Candidate Chico’s Budget Idea

Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico stated that, despite his former boss Mayor Daley’s plan to dip into the city reserves to balance this year’s budget, he would not suggest the same. continue reading »

Chico Resigns to Focus on Mayoral Campaign

Gery Chico has resigned from his position as City Colleges Chairman to concentrate on his mayoral campaign. If the City Colleges Board approves of the choice, Mayor Daley will replace Chico with Hispanic businessman Martin Cabrera Jr. continue reading »

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Staying in Washington, Not Running for Mayor of Chicago

Rep. Luis Gutierrez the Democrat from Illinois announced today he has decided not to run for Mayor of Chicago. Soon after Mayor Richard Daley announced he would not seek another term, Gutierrez starting looking into the viability of launching a campaign. continue reading »

Flores is Out, Before He’s In. Does Chico Advance in Influence Among Latinos?

When all is said and done, I fully expect the pool of candidates for Chicago mayor in next year’s municipal elections to consist of four or five serious candidates (defined here as someone who might get 20 percent support) and two or three stubborn hold-outs who will remain in the running to the end even though everybody realizes they will only get 1 percent voter support. continue reading »

POLITICS:  Commissioner Manny Flores Endorses Gery Chico for Mayor

Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman Manny Flores has thrown his support and endorsement for Mayor of Chicago around Gery Chico. At a news conference continue reading »

Gery Chico Announces Run for Chicago Mayor (VIDEO)

Chico is a former president of the Chicago Park District and president of the Chicago Board of Education. Chico is currently president of the Chicago city colleges. He is a friend of Mayor Daley’s and his former chief of staff. continue reading »

Chico, Flores Throw Hats into Mayoral Race; Braun Considering

The latest politician to join the Chicago mayoral race, Carol Moseley Braun announced Monday that she was considering about the position now that Mayor Daley has announced he will not run for re-election. continue reading »