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Tag Results for "Geraldo Rivera"

Geraldo Rivera Says All Six Jurors Would Have Also Killed Trayvon Martin

On Friday morning, as George Zimmerman’s defense team prepared to deliver its closing statement in the 3-week trial, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera told Fox & Friends that the all-female jury would have also killed Trayvon Martin if they had encountered him on that fateful night: continue reading »

Geraldo Rivera: TSA Raped Me

Just when you thought Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was done shocking us (remember the hoodie comment) he flings another zinger. He bares his soul to tell us that he was ‘raped’ by a TSA agent that apparently “seemed to enjoy it.” continue reading »

Geraldo Rivera Fights to Report at Occupy Wall Street as Protestors Chant “Fox News Lies!” (VIDEO)

Monday, In trying to report in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street movement once again, Geraldo Rivera saw himself “chased out” of the crowd, as most of the protesters were not willing to speak to anyone from a news network they say has lied and attempted to paint them all as a bunch of un-American hooligans. continue reading »

Geraldo Rivera Allegedly Snubbed by Facebook Founder M. Zuckerberg

"He absolutely freaked out when he saw me. I thought he was going to jump into the arms of his handlers. I extended my hand to shake his hand and its the first time ever someone refused to shake my hand, and ran out of the room." Rivera said while interviewing David Kirkpatrick, author of "The Facebook Effect" “He refused to shake my hand and he ran out of the room” “He wouldn’t even look at me.” continue reading »