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Tag Results for "Georgia"

Controversial Anti-immigrant Billboard Goes Up in Georgia

A billboard along a highway in north Georgia urging the undocumented to move to South Carolina has sparked resentment among activists who say it is an example of the anti-immigrant atmosphere that exists in this state. continue reading »

Who Needs a Fancy Setting When Singing a Song from ‘Desperado’ Makes You This Happy? (VIDEO)

While we don't know exactly who this guy is, he seems to be enjoying himself. He's singing "Cancion del Mariachi" made overwhelmingly popular by Antonio Banderas in the movie "Desperado". continue reading »

Carlos Santana Tells Georgia and Arizona ‘Stop Shucking and Jiving’ about Immigration

Guitar virtuoso Carlos Santana had a few things to say at the Atlanta Braves "Civil Rights" Game in Georgia, held only two days after the state passed a bill, allowing law enforcement to demand continue reading »

Georgia, Like Arizona, Passes Tough Immigration Laws Enhancing Police Powers

Late last night the Georgia legislature passed immigration legislation similar to Arizona in that police now have the right to check someone’s immigration status. continue reading »

Georgia Legislators Say No to Birthright Citizenship

Congress reconvenes this week and immigration will no doubt be in the hot topic. As November elections approach, the nation wide question being asked is: Who is and what makes a citizen? continue reading »

Figures Indicate Few Undocumented Students in GA

The State Board of Regents released figures on Wednesday indicating that 4.8% of students in Georgia’s public colleges are undocumented. continue reading »