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Tag Results for "Georgia Immigration"

Lawsuit Demands Transparency Between GA Law Enforcement and ICE

This week the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) and the ACLU of Georgia filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The suit seeks public records documenting the effects of Georgia’s increasing involvement in immigration enforcement, continue reading »

Immigration Reform- Bill to Bar Undocumented From College Dies in Georgia Legislature

Activists hailed Friday the death of SB 458, a state Senate bill that sought to bar undocumented immigrants from Georgia's public universities. The bill also aimed to invalidate foreign passports as ID for obtaining public services. continue reading »

Latino Group Joins Re-Enactment of Selma to Montgomery March

Thousands of people gather in Alabama each year to re-enact the Selma to Montgomery March that took place 47 years ago. This year protesters will have not just a memory but a new cause as they march across the Edmund Pettis Bridge. continue reading »

Georgia Mulls Banning Undocumented from Public Universities

Activists and students in Georgia rallied here to urge legislators to reject SB 458, which if approved would prohibit access by undocumented immigrants to all of the state's public universities. continue reading »

Gutierrez to Meet with Napolitano to discuss Alabama and Deportations

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (IL-04) led a delegation of 11 Members of Congress to Birmingham, Alabama to investigate how the state's new restrictive immigration law is being implemented. An ad hoc hearing was held in Birmingham's City Council continue reading »

Georgia’s Anti-Immigration Law Hits Restaurant Industry

Georgia is becoming a state that has food, but no immigrants to cook it, and is abundant in fruit, but has nobody to pick it. How extreme do things need to get before lawmakers open their eyes to the damage the state's new anti-immigration law, House Bill 87, is incurring? continue reading »

Mass March for Justice After Day without Immigrants in Georgia - Passage of HB 87 Leads to Outcry

After a state-wide ‘Day without Immigrants’ where people refused to go to work or shop and businesses shut their doors, thousands will march at Georgia’s capitol in a circuit that passes detention centers and Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices to demonstrate against HB 87 and call for a Georgia that honors its immigrant population. continue reading »

Georgia Farmers Face Labor Shortage, Gov. Says to Use Offenders on Probation

Georgia governor has shared his proposal for easing the labor shortage issues faces farmers who say that the crackdown of undocumented workers has left them with fewer people willing to work in their fields. continue reading »

Convicted Criminals to Replace Undocumented Workers in Georgia

A large number of immigrants are fleeing Georgia as anti-immigrant legislation is set to be enacted. Gov. Nathan Deal has issued a statement that he is looking to fill vacant farm jobs with convicted criminals. continue reading »

GLAHR Condemns Governor Nathan Deal’s Signature of HB-87

The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, the state’s leading grass roots immigrant rights organization, condemns Gov. Nathan Deal’s decision to sign HB 87 into law. continue reading »

Federal Authorities Warn School Districts: Do Not Ask Student, Parents About Immigration Status

Public schools across the country are being warned by the federal government that they are not to ask their students about their immigration status continue reading »

Napolitano Calls for Federal Immigration Reform- Not State Level Legislation

In a speech at the Atlanta Press Club Saturday, US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the federal government, not states, should write immigration laws. continue reading »

Obama Criticizes Georgia’s Immigration Bill (VIDEO)

President Obama has weighed in on the controversial Arizona style law that the Georgia Governor has said he intends to sign into law. continue reading »

Seven Undocumented Youth Protest, Risk Deportation in Georgia

This week seven undocumented youth were arrested in an act of civil disobedience in Atlanta during a protest. The students oppose a change proposed by the Georgia Board of Regents who want to ban on undocumented students from the state’s top five public colleges and universities. continue reading »

Impending National Boycott of Georgia

A national network of organizations instrumental in coordinating the boycott in Arizona after controversial anti-immigrant legislation passed there in 2009 has sent a letter to Governor Deal of Georgia “notifying [him] of efforts underway to organize a national boycott of Georgia, in the event that Georgia’s Arizona copycat legislation -- HB 87 and SB 40 -- should become law. “ continue reading »

Immigration Rally Ends in Arrests after Protesters Block Downtown Street

More than 100 protesters led by seven young people brought to the United States as young children — and who were later arrested after blocking traffic in protest — marched through downtown Atlanta to raise awareness about undocumented youths. continue reading »

Petition on Anti-Immigrant Laws in GA! Please sign and spread!

Please sign and pass the word!!!! We are at a critical moment and we need your help. Georgia - with a long history of oppression and an equally long history of fierce resistance - is on the brink of implementing Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation. continue reading »

Elementary School Students Asked “What is an Illegal Alien?”  Parents Shocked.

A third grade class in Georgia was recently asked “What is an illegal Alien?” as part of a class assignment. At Chesney Elementary School in Duluth, Georgia, people were shocked to learn that the third graders were being assigned work continue reading »

Farmers Worry About Proposed Immigration Legislation

Farmers fear that if Georgia’s proposed immigration legislation comes into effect it will not only cost them time and money- it will put them out of business. continue reading »

THE Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights Condems HB 87 That Criminalizes Immigrants

Racial Profiling Law in Georgia would damage economy and decrease safety. The Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), a grassroots organization that advocates for the human rights of Immigrants, opposes the implementation of “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” HB 87. continue reading »