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Tag Results for "General Augusto Pinochet"

Chilean Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda Maybe Exhumed to Determine True Cause of Death

The judge investigating the death of poet Pablo Neruda on Monday directed experts to prepare new reports to help him determine whether to allow the Nobel laureate, who died 39 years ago, to be exhumed. continue reading »

Chile Tries to Rewrite Its History: Eliminates “Dictatorship” Term from School Curriculum

The public school curriculum of Chilean children in first through sixth grade will no longer include the term ‘dictatorship’. Now that word will be replace with the term ‘military regime’. continue reading »

The Other 9/11 Remembered in Latin America (VIDEO)

As many Americans remember the dead and wounded of 9/11 nine years ago, Latin America is remembering the other 9/11 this one occurring in Chile in 1973. On this date the government of Chilean President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a military coup putting an end to democracy and putting in place General Augusto Pinochet. continue reading »