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Tag Results for "Galapagos Islands"

Ecuador Annexed the Galápagos Islands in 1832

Today in Latin American history, Ecuador annexed the Galápagos Islands in 1832. Spanish explores first found the islands in 1535. continue reading »

Galapagos Islands Open World’s First Eco-Friendly Airport Terminal

The world's first eco-friendly air terminal began operating fully this week on Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, the airport management company Ecogal said. The passenger terminal began partial operations in December before it was completely finished because it was still waiting for material from the old building. continue reading »

Galapagos Islands’ Residents Encouraged to Discover Wildlife

The recent discovery of a rare fish species by residents of the Galapagos Islands marks the latest in a series of finds by inhabitants of the famed Ecuadorian archipelago, who are to be further encouraged in their efforts by a government-sponsored "Citizen Science" program. continue reading »

Scientists Discover Tortoises With Genes Similar to Ecuador’s “Lonesome George”

Lonesome George, the last tortoise of his species, is not gone forever, since his genes survive in 17 tortoises living in a volcano in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuadorian officials said on Wednesday. continue reading »

Invasive Rats to be Exterminated in Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have seen their native plant and animal species dwindle as a result of invasive rats, but a new plan initiative will attempt to rid the islands of these invaders. continue reading »

‘Lonesome George,’ the Tortoise, To Become Part of Ecuadorian Cultural Heritage

Ecuador initiated the process this week to declare Lonesome George, the last tortoise of its species that died in June of natural causes in the Galapagos Islands, as part of the nation's cultural heritage, the Coordinating Ministry of National and Cultural Heritage said. continue reading »

Last of Its Kind – Giant Pinta Tortoise ‘Lonesome George’ Dies in the Galapagos

At approximately 120 years-old the last Giant Pinta tortoise has passed away on the Galapagos Islands, where it is native to. The Galagalogs archipelago of islands are located 600 miles from Ecuador continue reading »

Newly Engaged Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Arrive with Family to Visit Ecuador

The newly engaged super star couple Brangelina have arrived in Ecuador to visit and tour the Galapagos Islands. The islands, located approximately 525 west of Ecuador, are a World Heritage site and home to some of the most unique animals like the Marine iguana and the Galapagos penguin. continue reading »

Shipwreck at Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands Claims Two

Fourteen people who survived a shipwreck near Ecuador's Galapagos Islands and the bodies of two people killed in the accident arrived Tuesday at the port of Manta, while the search continues for three missing crew members, the media reported. continue reading »

Giant Galapagos Tortoise Has Been Seeking Partner for Over Half a Century - OUCH!

Meet 100 year old Lonesome George, the giant Ecuadorean tortoise, who has been looking for a partner for half a century! continue reading »