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Tag Results for "Funny"

Join The Daily Show’s Jason Jones in a Quest to Get Our Mexicans Back! (VIDEO)

As immigration laws get tougher and deportation rates augment, there are less and less Hispanics to do the jobs Americans won’t do. continue reading »

11 Year-old Texas Mayor For a Day Changes Main St. to Justin Bieber Way (VIDEO)

11 year-old Caroline González won a Facebook contest to be the Mayor of Forney Texas for a Day. Her first official decree? Justin Bieber Way. continue reading »

HS-News Presents: Latino Solutions for Carmaggedon

Don't get stranded, or stuck forever bumper to bumper under the scorching sun. Here are some suggestions for alternate transportation methods we have covered in the last year. continue reading »

Pull The FUÁ From Within and Project Yourself Into The Universe With The FUÁ Game (GAME)

Remember this happy Mexican drunkie who formulated the FUÁ last week? Now you can be him, and annihilate zombies with pure FUÁ! continue reading »

What the Fuá is “Fuá”?

Rescued from a gutter by Méxican rescue officials, this man conjured, summoned, beckoned the almighty Fuá from within, over and over. But, what is it? continue reading »

Mexico Madness: Why Drink and Drive When You Can Call Your Wife?

Take a look at this crafty Mexican housewife's drag-my-drunk-ass-husband-home contraption! continue reading »

OMG! We Hope This Isn’t a Latina! (VIDEO)

Drunk Woman Vs. The Ocean continue reading »

Messi Breaks Plane, Gets Scolded by Pilot (VIDEO)

“La Pulga” got yelled at through the plane intercom, after his celebratory banging of walls, resulted in a broken panel! continue reading »