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Tag Results for "Freak Accidents"

Brazilian Bruno Coutinho Accidentally Shot Himself in the Head with Harpoon but Survived

The Mirror in England reports that a Brazilian man shot himself through the eye with a six-inch harpoon - and survived. Bruno Coutinho was cleaning his gun when he accidentally fired it, sending the spear through his left eye and into the back of his skull. continue reading »

Military Cadet Dies in Freak Accident When Ejected from Plane on Ground

A Brazilian air force cadet died when he was ejected from a training plane for unknown reasons when the aircraft was still on the ground, authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Brazilian Elevator Drops 262 Feet Killing 9 Onboard

An elevator accident in Salvador, Bahia Brazil has left nine people dead early Tuesday morning. The accident happened at the construction site of a 32-story building in the Iguatemi area of the city. Nine construction employees were riding the elevator up to the 20th floor of the building when it didn’t stop and hit a cable on the top floor. continue reading »

Tortilla Killing:  Worker Crushed to Death After Falling into Vat of Tortilla Dough

In what some are calling a work accident and raising eyebrows amongst others: a 22-year old employee of Brooklyn’s Tortilleria Chinantla was killed when he fell into a waist-high tub of tortilla dough. continue reading »