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Tag Results for "Fox News"

Glenn Beck Responds To Criticism For Vomiting At Meghan McCain’s Skin Cancer PSA

Beck admits it was a juvenile bit but did not apologize. Meghan McCain fired back at Glenn Beck, who mocked her for doing a PSA on skin cancer. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Utterly Clueless About Tucson Ethnic Studies Program

While once again demonizing a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson, Arizona, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that the program is "mandatory." Enrollment in the class has always been voluntary. continue reading »

Superman Forfeits his U.S. Citizenship! But.. Wasn’t he an Illegal ALIEN, Anyway?

A very disgruntled man of steel revealed his intentions of turning in his Green Card on the Comics #900 release. continue reading »

Have They NO Shame: Fox Appeals to Hispanic Market, Creates Fox Hispanic Media

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has announced that they are creating Fox Hispanic Media (FHM) to expand its presence in Hispanic TV aimed at Spanish-speaking consumers. continue reading »

Think Again: The Hate We Tolerate

Between Beck’s television program and his even less restrained daily radio broadcast, Fox is supporting the spreading of some genuinely worrisome, potentially violence-inducing arguments against America’s president continue reading »

Fox News Billionaire Rupert Murdoch Supports Immigration

Rupert Murdoch has become a surprising immigration advocate. The billionaire media mogul fought with congressional Democrats on Thursday over his belief that millions of u continue reading »