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Tag Results for "Foreclosures"

Spain Announces 2 Year Freeze on Foreclosures

Spain's government on Thursday approved the creation of a stock of homes for rent to evicted mortgage debtors and also instituted a two-year freeze on foreclosures. continue reading »

Spain Tries to Stop Mortgage Foreclosures in Light of Recent Suicides

Spain's government said Friday, hours after a woman about to be evicted from her home in the northern town of Barakaldo committed suicide, that it is working urgently to bring a halt to mortgage foreclosures. continue reading »

GOOD NEWS: Jose Olivares Lives in a California Mansion. BAD NEWS: He’s a Squatter, One of Many

Neighbors in the million dollar enclave of Huntington Beach, California were pleased to see one of the homes for sale finally of the market, the For Sale sign was gone and there was someone seen at the house. continue reading »