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Tag Results for "Florida Immigration"

DREAM Act UPDATE: Valedictorian Daniela Pelaez Wins 2-Year Reprieve in Deportation Fight

A Florida high school student is facing many undocumented student’s worst nightmare, despite having never been in trouble, and a very impressive academic career. continue reading »

Florida’s Anti-immigration Bills Are Dead As Session Ends

On Florida, anti-immigration bills, SB 2040 and HB 7098, died as the legislative session winds to an end in Florida. continue reading »

Immigration Law: Florida Passes SB 2040. A Racial Profiling Bill

Florida SB 2040 Passes in Florida. In a surprise move, Senate votes on immigration bill. Without debate, the Florida Senate unexpectedly voted Wednesday morning 23-16 to approve SB 2040, a controversial immigration crackdown bill. continue reading »

US Hispanic Chamber of Comm. Open Letter to Florida Gov. Regarding Immigration

Thank you for your service to the state of Florida as President of the Florida State Senate. On behalf of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), which continue reading »

Florida Shouldn’t Make AZ’s Mistake; Anti-Immigrant Bills Will Be Bad for the State’s Economy

Roughly a year after passage of Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant legislation, S.B. 1070, the Florida state legislature is considering two similar bills. These bills pose a severe economic threat to the state. If passed, they will undoubtedly blight the state’s image, hurt businesses, and alienate the state’s legal immigrant population—all without solving the problem of undocumented immigration. continue reading »

There will be No Florida Crackdown on Undocumented Workers- They are too Valuable

Now that the campaigns are over, and reality has set in, Florida’s economy is too dependent on illegal workers to survive any serious immigration crackdown. It is hard to find anyone who supports a crackdown in any serious manner. continue reading »

Florida Legislature May Never Pass Arizona-Style Immigration Law

Though Florida Gov. Rick Scott made a campaign promise to bring Arizona-style immigration reform to his state, Florida businesses, police chiefs, and Hispanic Republicans are expressing concerns on the bill. continue reading »

Florida Legislators to Meet for Immigration Law Discussion

Monday, in what will be the first of three meetings, the Senate will be discussing an issue that Florida Gov. Rick Scott campaigned on heavily; immigration. During the Senate meetings continue reading »

Gov. Rick Scott Signs Executive Order on Immigration Policy Minutes After Being Sworn In

Mere minutes after being sworn in to office, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed an executive order to stop what was referred to as "job -killing regulations" that were set in motion to clean up water pollution and set limits on the amount of mercury a company can dump into the water. continue reading »

Organized Crime Leader Receives 30 years for Transporting Drugs,Weapons

The head of a multi-state cocaine trafficking ring was sentenced last week to 30 years in federal prison for drug and firearms charges, following an investigation conducted by the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDEFT), continue reading »

Florida Lawmaker Seeks Hispanic Support for Arizona-style Immigration Bill

State Rep. Will Snyder (R), is attempting to gain support from Florida’s Hispanic community in order to get an Arizona-style immigration bill passed in the state. Snyder also claims that he’s hoping to quell the community’s fears on such bill. continue reading »

Third Person Arrested in $55 Million Visa Fraud Case

Eduardo Dozzi Barbugli, 31, was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison Wednesday for his involvement in a $55 million visa fraud conspiracy, following an investigation led by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). continue reading »

Immigrant Smugglers and Immigrants Sentenced After Failed Venture

Kelsey James McQueen, 24, of the Bahamas; Juan Carlos Paredes-Rodriguez, 44, of the Dominican Republic; Oneil Black, 32, Andrew Fitzgerald Saint Aubyn Brissett, 45, Sheldon Lewis, 35, and Carolyn Denise Waddles, 36, all of Jamaica, were sentenced to prison in connection with a failed migrant smuggling venture in West Palm Beach in April. continue reading »

Brazilian Couple Arrested in $55 Million Visa Scheme

A Brazilian husband and wife were sentenced Thursday for their involvement in a $55 million visa fraud scheme, following an investigation led by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). continue reading »