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Tag Results for "Fidel Castro"

Cuba Wants Term Limits and to “Rejuvenate” Communism

As happens with anyone that is getting older a time of reflection and introspection occurs which is what appears to be happening to President Raul Castro. continue reading »

50 Years Later, Congress Finally Honors Bay of Pigs Vets (VIDEO)

Five decades after these brave Cuban men volunteered to participate in what turned out to be a giant blunder, Congress has decided to honor their courage. continue reading »

Castro Says He Hasn’t Held Any Formal Positions in Five Years

Tuesday, Fidel Castro surprised everyone when he said he resigned from all of his official position five years ago. The “former” head of Cuba’s Communist Party’s statements brought in to question just how much power he still has “behind the scenes” continue reading »

U.S. Contractor Alan Gross Found Guilty in Cuba

The pleas of the U.S. government and Alan Gross fell on deaf ears in Cuba. After a two-day trial, a Cuban court found the 61-year old contractor guilty of crimes against the island nation and sentenced him to 15-years in prison. continue reading »

Hugo, Fidel and The Other Latino Friends Of Moammar Gadaffi

The Venezuelan Information Minister said on Wednesday, that president Hugo Chávez has held conversations with Moammar Gadaffi about establishing a group of friendly nations that would help mediate a solution to the conflict in Libya. continue reading »