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Tag Results for "Fidel Castro"

2.7 Million Tourists Visited Cuba in 2011

Cuba greeted more than 2.7 million tourists in 2011, a figure confirmed by official media and said to set a record for the sector, the island's second biggest source of revenue in foreign currencies. continue reading »

Daughter of Cuban President Expects Communist Party to Accept LGBT Rights

The sexologist daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro expects the upcoming assembly of the ruling Communist Party to help clear the way for a bill on transsexual and gay rights. continue reading »

Castro on U.S. Politics:  Robot Better President than a Republican or Obama

A robot would govern the United States better, former Cuban President Fidel Castro says in column published Monday in official media. continue reading »

Cuban Farmers Set to Sell Directly to Tourist Hotels

Cuban farmers and hotels have begun to accommodate themselves to the new commercial framework that allows them to sell and buy agricultural products directly with each other, a measure included in the recent adjustments to "update" the island's socialist economic model, government-run media reported. continue reading »

Seven Political Prisoners Being Held in Cuba Pardoned

The Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation reported Thursday that among the more than 3,000 pardoned prisoners in Cuba are seven political prisoners, two more than had been known of to date. continue reading »

Cuba Creates its Own Facebook-Like Social Network

“Redsocial,” The Cuban carbon copy of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook, is the island’s new “Virtual meeting point for Cuban Universities.” continue reading »

Cuban Revolutionary Who Orchestrated 1958 Grand Prix Driver Kidnapping Dies

Arnold Rodriguez Camps, an early follower of Fidel Castro who took part in the 1958 kidnapping of race-car driver Juan Manuel Fangio on the eve of Cuba's Grand Prix, died in continue reading »

For 20th Consecutive Year UN General Assembly Calls for End to US - Cuban Embargo

The General Assembly renewed its call, for the 20th consecutive year, for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba for the past half century. continue reading »

Cuba Tells UN, US is Intervening in Libya as Excuse to Plunder their Resources

A “preventive war” is taking place in Libya using the protection of civilians as a pretext to plunder the country’s resources, Cuba’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly’s annual general debate today, calling for Libyans to be left alone to decide their destiny. continue reading »

Cuban Dog Shows Gaining Popularity

Over the last few years, an event not often seen in communist countries has grown in popularity, dog shows. In Cuba, much like in Hollywood and New York, it seems the new status sy continue reading »

First-of-Its-Kind Wedding in Cuba – Gay Man Weds Transsexual Woman

In honor or in scorn of Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday, depending on who you ask, a gay man and a transsexual woman wed in a first-of-its-kind wedding. Though gay marriage is not allowed in Cuba the government sanctioned wedding was seen my many gay Cuban’s as a step out of the shadows. continue reading »

Celebrations of Fidel Castro´s 85th Birthday Last All Week

A music concert by 22 artists from nine countries will take place on the eve of Fidel Castro’s 85th birthday, Saturday, August 13. continue reading »

¿Que Pasa? Latin American Summit Cancelled, Chávez Will Stay in Cuba

The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry announced the postponement of the Latin American Summit, due to the alleged health problems of the host, Hugo Chávez. continue reading »

Hugo Chávez Resurfaces Alive and Well and Still in Cuba (VIDEO)

Eager to put an end to speculations about the current condition of president Chávez, Cuban and Venezuelan state TV stations release video proof. continue reading »

ANOTHER Ché Guevara Diary Published in Cuba

“Diary of a Combatant” is a series of notebooks in terrible handwriting, that editors were able to decipher into a peek into late 50’s Cuba, and a Castro fresh in power. continue reading »

Luxury Golf Resorts to be Built in Cuba

Apparently, no longer considered a “bourgeoisie excess,” the island will foster 4 projects totaling $1.5 billion. continue reading »

Cuba to Allow Citizens to Travel Abroad

For the first time in 50 years, the Cuban government will allow its nationals to travel the world as tourists. continue reading »

Raft Made of Wood & Intertubes Intercepted on U.S. Waters with Cubans Attempting to Reach U.S.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection marine interdiction agents thwarted an attempt by four Cuban citizens to reach the U.S. on a crude raft Thursday morning. continue reading »

Cuban NGO ‘Damas de Blanco’ Recognized by State Dept for Human Right Efforts

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns will present the Diplomacy for Human Rights Award, the Human Rights and Democracy Achievement Award continue reading »

Castro Steps Down from his 50-Year Reign as Leader of Cuban Communist Party

True to his word, President Raul Castro at the Community Party conference in Cuba, promised sweeping changes and a ‘rejuvenation’ of the Communist party – and it happened. continue reading »