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Tag Results for "Fidel Castro"

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro Gave Power Temporarily to Raúl Castro in 2006

Today in Latin American history, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro handed over power temporarily to brother Raúl Castro in 2006. Raúl Castro was designated as the President of the Council of State in a temporary transfer of power due to Fidel Castro's illness. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Proclaimed Cuba a Socialist Nation in 1961

Today in Latin American history, the Prime Minister of Cuba, Fidel Castro, proclaimed Cuba a socialist nation and abolished elections in 1961. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Resigned as First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in 2011

Today in Latin American history, Fidel Castro resigned from the Communist Party of Cuba's central committee after 45 years of holding the title in 2011. continue reading »

CIA Trained Cuban Exiles Landed at the Bay of Pigs in 1961

Today in Latin American history, a group of CIA financed and trained Cuban exiles landed at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba with the aim of ousting Fidel Castro in 1961. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Visited the U.S. in 1959

Today in Latin American history, Fidel Castro visited the United States in 1959. Four months after leading a successful revolution in Cuba, Fidel Castro visits the United States. The visit was marked by tensions between Castro and the American government. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Became Premier of Cuba in 1959

Today in Latin American history, Fidel Castro became Premier of Cuba after dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown on January 1 in 1959. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Overthrew Cuban Dictator Batista in 1959

Today in Latin American history, Fulgencio Batista, dictator of Cuba, was overthrown by Fidel Castro's forces during the Cuban Revolution in 1959. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Declared Cuba Would Adopt Communism in 1961

Today in Latin American history, in a nationally broadcast speech, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declared that he was a Marxist-Leninist and that Cuba was going to adopt Communism in 1961. continue reading »

Cuba Will No Longer Have Dual Currency

The Cuban government announced Tuesday the beginning of a process to eliminate the unpopular dual-currency system that has prevailed on the island since 1994, Communist Party daily Granma said Tuesday. continue reading »

Filmmaker Saul Landau Known for Castro Documentary Dies, Age 77

Writer and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Saul Landau has died of cancer at his home in California, his family said Wednesday. He was 77. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Was “Best Friend,” Says Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro said that the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was the "best friend" he had during his 47 years as Cuba's head of state. continue reading »

Cuban Revolutionary, President, Prime Minister and Sr Communist: Fidel Castro Turns 87

Cuban Communist Party daily Granma paid tribute Tuesday to former President Fidel Castro on his 87th birthday with words once spoken by Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez. continue reading »

Uruguayan President Says Fidel Castro “Continues to be Brilliant”

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica said in Havana Thursday that he held a stimulating, wide-ranging conversation with former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro. continue reading »

Internet to be In Most Cuban Homes by 2014

Cuba's state-run telecom company ETECSA plans to begin offering in-home Internet connections by late 2014, a director of the company told Efe. continue reading »

Cubans Now Allowed to Import Electric Applicances

Cuban customs authorities starting on Monday authorized individuals to import electric appliances and mopeds in a resolution eliminating the prohibition on such imports that had been in force since 2005. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident Yoani Sanchez Calls for Unity Among Cubans

Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez on Monday issued a call to Cuban exiles to help forge a feeling of unity among all Cubans and to end the existence of "Fidel's Cubans and Miami's Cubans." continue reading »

Cuba’s New Tax Law Takes Effect - Intended to Improve “Economic Conditions”

Cuba enacted this Jan. 1 a new Tax Law to continue the government's "modernization" of socialism with economic reforms that revamp the tax culture of a country where taxes have continue reading »

Cuba Overturns Fidel Castro Law Placing Surcharge on International Calls

The Cuban government is making international calls between the island and the United States less costly by repealing a decree signed by ex-President Fidel Castro in the year 2000 that established a 10-percent surcharge on calls between the two countries. continue reading »

Cuban Detainee Alan Gross Sues U.S. & Former Employer

Alan Gross, a U.S. contractor serving a 15-year sentence in Cuba for subversion, and his wife, Judy, have sued the United States and the company that hired him for not warning him about the risks continue reading »

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