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Tag Results for "Farc"

Colombian Oil Output Up 10,000 Barrels Per Day From Last Year

Average oil output in Colombia climbed to 960,953 barrels per day in October, up 0.9 percent from the same month of 2011, the Mines and Energy Ministry said. continue reading »

Colombian Soliders Killed in FARC Minefield Near Ecuador Border

Two Colombian soldiers died and another four were wounded after setting foot in a minefield installed by FARC guerrillas operating in the southwestern province of Nariño bordering on Ecuador, army officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Norway Confirms Peace Talks Between Colombia and FARC WIll Begin Oct. 17

Peace talks between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, guerrilla group will officially begin on Oct. 17 in Oslo, a spokeswoman for the Norwegian foreign ministry said Thursday. continue reading »

Peace Talks Between Colombia and FARC to Begin October 15

Representatives of Colombia's FARC rebel group said that peace talks with the Andean nation's government will begin Oct. 15, a week later than originally announced. continue reading »

Colombian Agents Confiscate Over 12 Tons of Cocaine, Marijuana in Anti-drug Campaign

Drug enforcement agents seized more than 12 tons of cocaine and marijuana in Colombia during a three-day multi-faceted operation in several regions, officials said Sunday. continue reading »

Ceasefire Will Not Hinder Peace Talks, Says Colombian Rebels

A spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, guerrilla group told a Bogota daily that upcoming peace talks with the government will not break down if its request for an immediate truce is not granted. continue reading »

FARC Seek An Immediate Bilateral Ceasefire in Colombian Peace Talks

Representatives of Colombia's FARC rebel group said here Thursday they will immediately propose a bilateral ceasefire once peace talks get underway with the government. continue reading »

Colombia, FARC Rebels to Begin Peace Talks Next Month in Norway

Representatives of the Colombian government and the Andean nation's largest guerrilla group, the FARC, will sit down next month in Oslo for talks aimed at ending their decades-long conflict. continue reading »

Grenade Attack in Northern Colombia Kills 1, Injures 27

One person was killed and 27 others were wounded in a grenade attack at an entertainment center in Barrancabermeja, a city in northeastern Colombia, police said Sunday. continue reading »

FARC Rebels Bomb Portion of Colombia’s Transandino Pipeline

A new bomb attack destroyed a stretch of the Transandino pipeline in a rural area of the southwestern province of Nariño, authorities said Saturday. continue reading »

FARC Rebels Bomb Oil Depot in Colombia

Leftist FARC guerrillas mounted bomb attacks Tuesday on an oil depot and an electric pylon in the northeastern province of Norte de Santander, Colombian authorities said. continue reading »

FARC Commander Involved in 2011 Terrorist Attack Killed

A FARC commander suspected of being involved in a 2011 bombing that killed the highway patrol chief of the northwestern Colombian province of Antioquia has been killed, the Army News Agency reported. continue reading »

FARC Rebels Attack Police Checkpoint 1 Killed, 2 Wounded

Suspected FARC guerrillas killed one police officer and wounded two others in an ambush in the southwestern Colombian province of Cauca, officials said Saturday. continue reading »

Colombian Rebel Believed to be Dead, Reappears in TV Interview

The second-in-command of the FARC guerrilla group's Southern Bloc, believed to have been killed in a Colombian military airstrike in 2010, reappeared in an interview with Caracol Television. continue reading »

FARC Celebrate Colombia’s Independence By Attacking Police, Dynamiting Bridge

One police officer was killed and five others wounded Friday in an attack by leftist FARC rebels as Colombia celebrated 202 years of independence from Spain. continue reading »

Indians Put FARC Rebels on Trial in Colombia

Four suspected members of Colombia's FARC rebel group went on trial Thursday before a court of the Nasa Indians in the embattled southwestern province of Cauca. continue reading »

Nearly 3,000 Colombians Displaced by Fighting

Fighting between leftist FARC guerrillas and the Colombian security forces in the southwestern province of Cauca has driven more than 2,800 indigenous and mestizo people from their homes. continue reading »

Colombian Indians Boo President Santos as he Arrived in Cauca -“We Don’t Want Any More Army”

Dozens of Colombian Indians greeted President Juan Manuel Santos with boos Wednesday in the southwestern province of Cauca and demanded he withdraw security forces from that violence-wracked region, continue reading »

FARC Attack Colombian Towns, Children Injured

At least five people, including four children, were wounded in attacks staged by FARC guerrillas this weekend on towns in the southwestern Colombian province of Cauca, army 28th Mobile Brigade commander Col. Martin Hernando Nieto told Efe. continue reading »

Turmoil in Colombia Leads to 4 Million Displaced, 400,000 Refugees

Strife-torn Colombia is the scene of the worst humanitarian tragedy in Latin America with nearly 400,000 refugees and 4 million people internally displaced, according to the U.N.'s refugee agency. continue reading »