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Tag Results for "Farc"

COLOMBIA: U.S. Marine Captured by FARC Released After 4 Months

A former U.S. Marine held captive for four months by Colombia's FARC guerrilla group was handed over to a delegation of Red Cross, Cuban and Norwegian officials over the weekend. continue reading »

President Santos Calls Peace Negotiators Back to Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos instructed the government team that has been holding peace talks in Cuba with FARC guerrillas to return to the Andean nation, issuing the order after the rebels announced a brief "pause" in the negotiations. continue reading »

FARC Announces “Pause” in Peace Talks with Government

Colombia's FARC guerrillas have announced a "pause" in the peace talks they have been holding here with the government in Bogota, saying Friday they would use the intermission to analyze President Juan Manuel Santos's proposal that any eventual accord be submitted to a referendum. continue reading »

Colombia’s Santos Admits Contacts with ELN Guerrillas With Eye on Peace Talks

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday admitted that official contacts had been made with the National Liberation Army, or ELN, the country's second-largest guerrilla organization, with an eye on possible peace talks that would be held simultaneously with those currently under way with the FARC rebels in Cuba. continue reading »

FARC Bomb Kills Soldier in Colombia

One soldier died and one other was wounded Tuesday when a bomb exploded near the airport of the southwestern port city of Tumaco, the Colombian military said. continue reading »

Colombia’s FARC Claims to Have U.S. Soldier in Custody

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, guerrilla group says it has been holding a U.S. veteran of the war in Afghanistan for a month and offered to release him as a "gesture" to the Colombian government within the framework of peace talks in Cuba. continue reading »

Colombian Army Kills 7 FARC Rebels

Army troops killed seven FARC guerrillas and captured an eighth in fighting in southwestern Colombia over the weekend, a high-level military commander said. The dead guerrillas belonged to the 29th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Southwestern Joint Command chief Gen. Leonardo Barrero Gordillo told Efe. continue reading »

Colombia Investigates Alleged Massacre of 7 Indians

Colombian authorities are continuing an investigation to verify an alleged massacre in the northwestern town of Taraza, in which five children and two adults are said to have died, all members of an indigenous community. continue reading »

Police Nab FARC Rebel Linked to Uribe Inauguration Attack in Colombia

Colombian police captured a purported high-ranking member of the FARC leftist guerrilla group's Eastern Bloc who is suspected of participating in a deadly 2002 mortar attack during former President Alvaro Uribe's first inauguration. continue reading »

Colombian Army Seizes 4 Tons of Cocaine at FARC Drug Lab

Army troops destroyed "the largest drug storage center" operated by the FARC guerrilla group in southwestern Colombia and seized four tons of cocaine bound for Central America and the United States, special counternarcotics brigade commander Col. Jorge Mora told Efe. continue reading »

Colombian Army Investigates Car Bombs that Killed 2, Wounded 2

Colombia's army said two car bombs - not one, as was initially reported - were used in attacks in the conflict-ridden province of Cauca that left two dead and two others wounded. continue reading »

FARC Says Willing to Free 3 Colombian Security Force Members

Colombia's FARC guerrilla group said Saturday they are willing to free two police captured on Jan. 25 and a soldier grabbed this week in the Andean nation's southwest. continue reading »

FARC Release 3 Kidnapped Engineers in Colombia

Colombia's FARC rebels have freed the three petroleum engineers they had kidnapped in the country's southwest, a police spokesman told Efe Thursday. continue reading »

Spanish University Brings Sustainable Energy to Colombian Town

Northwestern Spain's University of Santiago de Compostela is leading a project to create "sustainable energy communities" in Colombia, providing free electricity to residents of La Primavera, a town in the so-called "FARC zone," officials said. continue reading »

Latin America News:  Colombian Military Kills 13 Guerrillas

At least 13 guerrillas were killed during an operation by Colombian security forces against the FARC rebels in Chigorodo, a town in the northwestern province of Antioquia. continue reading »

Court Bans Film in Colombia After Testimony of Former Hostage

A politician and attorney who spent six years as a hostage of FARC guerrillas has convinced a court to prohibit the marketing in Colombia of "Operacion E" (Operation E), a film inspired by the story of a peasant who cared for a son she bore in captivity. continue reading »

Is the Colombian Peace Period Over Already?

A group of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, rebels attacked the police station of a poor northwestern Colombian town, an assault that comes less than a month after the guerrilla group's leadership declared a unilateral two-month truce. continue reading »

First Round of Peace Talks Between Colombia and Rebels End

The first round of talks here between the Colombian government and leftist FARC rebels has ended with progress on mechanisms for incorporating civil society into the process, which is aimed at bringing an end to a decades-long armed conflict. continue reading »

Colombia Must Finish Peace Talks with FARC Before Extending to Other Guerrilla Group

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos told Efe that for now his country's No. 2 guerrilla group, the ELN, will not be joining the peace process Bogota has opened with the larger FARC. continue reading »

Kidnapped Colombian Escapes Captors and Walks to Safety with Bullet in His Head

A man who was kidnapped almost three months go in northern Colombia survived after being shot in the head while escaping from his captors, and managed to reach safety after walking for four days, authorities said. continue reading »