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Tag Results for "Falkland Islands"

Argentina Calls on UK to Discuss Sovereignty of Falkland Islands

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez marked Tuesday's 31st anniversary of the start of the Falklands War by again demanding that Britain agree to discuss the question of sovereignty over the South Atlantic archipelago known to Latin Americans as the Malvinas. continue reading »

U.N. Secretary-General Met With Argentine President Cristina Fernández to Discuss Global Issues

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a meeting this week with Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández, in which they discussed a range of issues on the global agenda. The issues discussed included the Falkland Islands (Malvinas). The Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom have been engaged in a dispute concerning the sovereignty of the islands, located in the south Atlantic Ocean. continue reading »

WATCH Violent Protests in Front of UK Embassy in Argentina

WATCH Violent Protests in Front of UK Embassy in Argentina. As Argentina and Britain commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War there were violent protests in fron the the UK Embassy in Argentina. continue reading »

Sean Penn Meets with Pres. Fernandez Kirchner, Agrees Falkland Islands Belong to Argentina

After meeting with Argentina's President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Buenos Aires, actor Sean Penn spoke with reporters about Argentina's ongoing dispute with Britiain over the Falkland Islands. continue reading »

Argentina Calls Prince William a “Conquistador” as he Arrives in Falklands with Royal Air Force

Helicopter pilot Prince William is in the Falklands with the Royal Air Force for a six-week military mission and Argentina, not appreciating the RAF’s presence, has taken to calling the newly wed prince a “conquistador." continue reading »