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Tag Results for "Exercise"

Increase of Exercise Can Help Teens Quit Smoking

A recent study proves that taking a short walk can encourage teen smokers to quit smoking. Time reported that scientists from George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services discovered that teens who increased their physical activity by a measly twenty minutes did not smoke as much. continue reading »

Mexican Wrestlers Combat Obesity in New Health Campaign

Wrestling stars are teaming up with the government on a campaign to reduce the obesity rate in Mexico, a country that has been struggling with this problem for years, officials said. continue reading »

Thousands in Bogotá Break Two Fitness Guinness World Records (VIDEO)

Thousands of people in Colombia’s capital shattered records previously owned by Budapest in Kickboxing, and Manila in Aerobics! continue reading »

Three Healthy Habits Cut Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Exercise, healthy weight, moderate alcohol benefit even women with a family history, experts say. Women who maintain certain "breast-healthy" habits can lower their risk of breast cancer, even if a close relative has had the disease, a new study finds. continue reading »