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Tag Results for "Evo Morales"

Catholic Church’s Critical Role in Bolivian Indigenous March

After 65 days since the beginning of the indigenous march and confrontation with the government, President Morales has decided not only the definitive suspension of the construction continue reading »

Bolivian Evo Morales Cancels Controversial Amazon Highway

As 2,000 or more Amazonian Indians made their way through Bolivia to the capital of La Paz to meet with President Evo Morales on a controversial highway, he announced he was scraping the whole project. continue reading »

Bolivia Bans Cars For “Day of The Pedestrian” (VIDEO)

The first ever “Day of the Pedestrian” in Bolivia was celebrated in most of the country with parades and outdoor activities for peoples of all ages. continue reading »

Paranoid Much? Evo Morales, While in U.S., Fears Govt Will Plant Drugs on His Presidential Plane

The Bolivian president fears the Obama Administration may plant cocaine in Bolivia’s Air Force 1 and accuse him of trafficking! Morales is attending a United Nations meeting in New York later today, but a continue reading »

Peru Election Update: Ollanta Humala Continues to Lead and Is Apparent Winner

In a Presidential election race that has been too close to call for most of the day it now appears that leftwing candidate Ollanta Humala has won. continue reading »

Evo Morales Accepts U.S.  Financial Aid Offer to Combat Illegal Coca

Bolivia has agreed to, in a joint effort with the US and Brazil, destroy every last bit of illegal coca plant. continue reading »

Bolivia’s President Morales Plans to Expropriate All Mines

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales is set to announce on May 1st that he will be ‘dismantling the privatization model’ thereby expropriating privately owned zinc, silver and tin mines. continue reading »

Hugo, Fidel and The Other Latino Friends Of Moammar Gadaffi

The Venezuelan Information Minister said on Wednesday, that president Hugo Chávez has held conversations with Moammar Gadaffi about establishing a group of friendly nations that would help mediate a solution to the conflict in Libya. continue reading »