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Tag Results for "Ethnic Studies"

Arizona State Rep. Cecil Ash Says There Should be a “Caucasian Day”

At a time when Arizona laws and law enforcement officials are under immense scrutiny for how they treat the state's minority (primarily Latino) population, Republican State Rep. Cecil Ash did nothing to help change the negative image of his state. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Thinks that If Obama is a One-Term President, He will Not Go Peacefully

Beck Thinks Obama Would "Go Kicking And Screaming" If He Were A One-Term President, Saying "If I Can't Have Her, No One Will" From the August 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program: continue reading »

Glenn Beck Utterly Clueless About Tucson Ethnic Studies Program

While once again demonizing a Mexican-American studies program in Tucson, Arizona, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that the program is "mandatory." Enrollment in the class has always been voluntary. continue reading »

AZ Protest Disrupts School Board’s Ethnic Studies Vote to Remove Class From Core Curriculum

The fight to keep Tucson Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies/Mexican-American Studies (MAS) program moved to the University of Arizona’s College of Education, Tuesday, for an event titled “The Real Truth.” continue reading »