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Tag Results for "Estelle Gonzales Walgreen"

Republican’s Say NO to Dream Act - So Start Taking their Names and Numbers

Look at the numerous Dream Act reports out there: some are pro; some are con as it should be. But look carefully and see want is consistent throughout the reporting continue reading »

DREAM Act Brings “Hispanic Haters” Out of Hiding

There is so much negative vibe on the Dream Act that at a certain point you have to shut it off – well that is until the hate’s started attacking my beloved McDonald’s. continue reading »

Brazilian Blowout Controversy: Is this Another Right Wing Conspiracy?

Ban the Brazilian wax if you will, though a fan, with less traffic to that domain of the body its not critical, if you know what I mean. The Brazilian blowout is THEE way I can claim to be an Americano with continue reading »

Do Hispanics Want to Leave the U.S. because Bristol is Poised to Win Dancing with the Stars?

In case you haven’t heard 1-out-of-7 Hispanics would leave the U.S. permanently if they could. Whaaaaaat? I ain’t goin’ nowhere at least not until I celebrate the pinnacle of American mediocrity by watching Bristol Palin horse hoof her way to a Dancing with the Stars trophy. continue reading »

Is It Time to be Afraid of Sarah Palin?

I have long avoided bashing, talking about or even acknowledging Sarah Palin - with so many loquitas in my familia - I have a kind of empathy for her. And when you have a loquita mixed with a tonta factor then in my book they are hands off. continue reading »

The Week Cable TV Offended Hispanics - Well Maybe Just This Hispanic

This week CNN and Nickelodeon TV really gave me pause to question my undying love and addiction to cable TV, especially the type that is bland and mind numbing. It’s the kind of TV that you continue reading »

Rick Sanchez Maybe a Buffoon but He’s Our Buffoon

I have been quietly taking in the storm around our poor beleaguered Rick Sanchez - wait a minute I know he’s a buffoon but he’s our buffoon. continue reading »

Hispanic Heritage Month - FREETANGA Time

I apologize to my legion of fans (all 5 of you) for not writing sooner, this is the busy social season being Hispanic Heritage Month. Between the discounted continue reading »

Whose Bed Bugs Are More Bad Ass?

Paying half attention to the news I keep hearing the words ‘plague’ ‘infestation’ ‘epidemic’ being mentioned so often, I half expect to see that the illegal anchor babies have indeed invaded the U.S. Capital or assume Glen Beck is talking about the Democrats again. Since Beck is now a man of God, the talk is all about minuscule size critters lovingly known as bed bugs or ‘chinches de cama’ in Spanish. continue reading »

Does Finding God on my iPhone Mean I Won’t Go to Hell?

As one of 33 million Catholic Latinos in the U.S. I am well versed on the rosary, novenas, penance and the versatile uses of holy water when one is in hot water. And as an American born and raised in this country I am also well versed in looking for ways to do things more efficiently and quickly. continue reading »