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Tag Results for "Estelle Gonzales Walgreen"

Iowa Caucus Results and the Overlooked Latino Voter

The first chapter on the road to the presidential election of 2012 was written today in Iowa without even a Latino voter footnote. continue reading »

Is Herman Cain Electrifying Latino Voters or Trying to Electrocute Their Cousins Across the Border?

Let me start by saying I LOVE Herman Cain, he takes me back to the days when there were carnival barkers and this one has a foreign accent to boot. Well actually a Georgia accent which is the same thing to a Midwestern. continue reading »

The Ultimate Honor: Becoming ‘Queen of Hispanic Heritage’

As all of you Latinos are welcoming in Hispanic Heritage Month I think I have found the ultimate way to embody Latin-ness and connection to the culture – a title. continue reading »

What Can Latinos Learn from the Tea Party Debate?

Well the first ever Tea Party Republican debate is over and what did the Latino voter and the Latino populace in general learn? As writer Andres Oppenheimer noted, ‘These guys don’t like us’ and I will expound on that and say they don’t like anyone probably not even themselves. continue reading »

Does Katt William Hate Mexicans?  Who Cares – It’s Misplaced Outrage

We know why the media is spending so much time trying to figure out if comedian Katt Williams hates and disrespects Mexicans. That battle of words and race baiting is so much easier to figure out then the other hate battle between Obama and Boehner and Congressional Republicans. continue reading »

‘You Are Responsible Too’ Lashes Out Mexico’s Weary President

While trying to hold back his tears and weary soul together, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon condemned those nameless, faceless ‘terrorists’ who firebombed Monterrey’s Casino Royale that killed at least 53 of his citizens Thursday. However, he was very clear on whom else he blamed – Americans. continue reading »

The Ridiculous:  A U.S.-Mexico Border Wall and Asking If You Have You Ever Had Sex With Rick Perry

As certain Latino voters are trying to figure out what Governor Rick Perry’s stance will be on immigration (not good probably given his insistence Texas eliminate its sanctuary city policy) he makes a passing statement that is overshadowed by his sex life. Yes folks, welcome to the 2012 Presidential election campaign. continue reading »

Weekly Special: Forgiveness for Abortion Being Dispensed by the Pope Himself in Spain

When Pope Benedict arrives in Madrid this week for World Youth Day he will not only be bringing his blessings but forgiveness for any woman who confesses to having an abortion and a welcome back mat to the Catholic church. continue reading »

The 1.65 Million Reasons SF Giants Ramon Ramirez Doesn’t Care Being Called an Illegal Alien

Everyone is asking why SF Giant Ramon Ramirez hasn’t been raising Major League Baseball’s (MLB) roof and demanding the firing of a radio anchor who either in the heat of the moment called him an illegal alien or overtly displayed his racism for all to see. continue reading »

Spanish Love: Giving Up Billions for a Commoner that Looks Like Julio Iglesias

If you are in need of a feel good love story and are trying to figure out if money is more important than love & happiness (considering that none of us will have any thanks to Washington D.C) - I have a tale for you. continue reading »

Does New Mexico Have a Spelling Problem and Does the Tea Party Have Anything to Do With It?

Check out this video on the Sandoval County anti-underage drinking billboard with a 'glaring' error. The story here is that the billboards designed by have been up since January and no one noticed. continue reading »

Is Summer’s Eve Racially Profiling Our Privates?

If you are too enthralled with the debt debate circus and don’t have time or haven’t figured out how best to keep your privates clean during this repressive heat wave - Summer Eve’s has launched an aggressive advertising campaign to tell you. continue reading »

Hispanic Hero: “Pray Away the Gay” Patient Andrew Ramirez Sheds Some Light on the Scary Bachmanns

With all the press swirling around Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and her husband's 'pray away the gay' business , also known as Bachman & Associates, something has been overlooked and that is the Hispanic hero who came forward to highlight just how frightening the Bachmann's really are. continue reading »

Worried About Nations Problems: Pray Like ‘Jesus Did’ Says Presidential Hopeful Gov. Perry (VIDEO)

If you are tired of getting invited to another summer barbeque party then here's is a unique and one-of-a-kind invite. The video invite is to a national day of prayer to pray away the country's problem. We bet you have never received something like that from Evite or in the mail before. And HS-News has the video invitation here for you from Texas Governor Rick Perry. continue reading »

Tweet Jesus! El Papa aka The Pope Is Tweeting

I know the world is a mess and many believe it’s coming to an end especially when you watch the debt ceiling debate and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (I know eerily similar). But when the Pope, revered and known throughout the Americas, as El Papa, starts Tweeting and sending TwitPics Dios Mio you KNOW it’s the end of the world. continue reading »

Execution of Mexican Humberto Leal Highlights Texas as ‘Lone’ State & Gov Perry’s Limitations

At 6:21 p, (CST) yesterday Humberto Leal Garcia, Jr. died by lethal injection in a Texas prison for a heinous crime. So who cares about another poor excuse ofr a human being wiped off the earth. But you see, the UN, the White House, the governments of Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Switzerland and Americans in foreign jails, to name a few, cared. continue reading »

Glenn Beck Says ‘Adios’ and Heads to Ol’ Mexico, I Mean Texas

In case you slept through the audible sigh of relief from the political left and the gushing tears from the ultra right - Glenn Beck's Fox Network show is NO MAS as of this Thursday. continue reading »

Movin’ On Up: The Mexican Maid Madness

On the heels of March Madness the American public is now being entertained by Mexican Maid Madness that includes moola, a mistress and a mystery. More importantly we are witnessing cultural assimilation by Latinas unprecedented and lofty in heights – well I exaggerate, but you get my point. continue reading »

What Do you Do When Your State is Broke? Sue the Government Over Immigration, of Course

What do you do when your state is broke, people’s public benefits cut and you’re on the heels of a mass shooting – why of course you sue the U.S. government. continue reading »

Another Gift from Corporate America for Latinos:  Cha cha cha, Charmin and a Shithouse

It’s the holidays so when I hear someone is inviting me and mi familia to a ‘history-making event’ celebrated with ‘Latin sizzle’ in none other than New York City, I am on it. If that wasn’t enough Luis Fionsi was performing and I was going to get to Cha Cha Cha all night long. continue reading »