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Tag Results for "Environmental News"

Latino Voices Supported California Coastal Conservation

Good news for California’s coast: California has now completed its Marine Protected Areas (MPA) network. This is in addition to President Obama’s recent announcement for a proposed extension of national marine sanctuaries. continue reading »

2012 Renews Public Focus on Climate Change

The year 2012 was one of extreme weather: massive floods in Australia stranded entire towns; a day of torrential rains submerged half the Philippines capital; a super-typhoon ravaged the western Pacific; and a record drought seared more than half the continental United States. continue reading »

UN Extends Kyoto’s Climate Change Pact Extended at Doha until 2020

The 194 nations meeting at the United Nations Climate Conference in Doha approved here Saturday the extension until 2020 of the Kyoto Protocol for controlling climate change, which was to expire this year, though some countries have pulled out of the deal. continue reading »

Mexico to Combat Scarlet Macaws’ Extinction by Releasing 60 Birds into the Wild

A total of 60 scarlet macaws will be set free in an ecological park in southeastern Mexico to avoid the extinction of this colorful subspecies, several of the organizers said. continue reading »

Mexico To Fight Deforestation With $15 Million Loan

Mexico will receive $15 million in financial and technical assistance to support climate change mitigation efforts. The program will create a dedicated financing line, accessible by communities and ejidos or their members, for identified low carbon projects in forest landscapes in five of the states with the highest levels of net forest loss: Oaxaca, Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Jalisco and Campeche. continue reading »

Southeastern Mexico Shaken by 5.0 Earthquake

A magnitude-5 earthquake shook the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas early Saturday, but without leaving any victims or material damage, the National Seismological Service said. continue reading »

Hurricane Sandy’s Death Toll Rises to 38

Hurricane Sandy caused 38 deaths and forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes in a wide swath of the Caribbean. Sandy, which was a Category 2 hurricane at its peak intensity earlier this week, killed 11 people in Cuba, 26 in Haiti and one in Jamaica and now threatens the northeastern United States, prompting the states of New York and Virginia to declare a state of emergency. continue reading »

Greenpeace: U.S. Hid Documents Revealing Impact of BP Oil Spill on Whales

The U.S. government deliberately blocked the release of documents and photographs that showed the true impact of the BP oil spill on whales in the Gulf of Mexico, Greenpeace said Thursday. continue reading »

Mudslide in Northern Peru Kills 11, 10 Still Missing

Peruvian authorities recovered 11 bodies after a mudslide swept through a village in the northern Peruvian jungle region of San Martin, while 10 others remain missing. continue reading »

Colombian Mudslide’s Death Toll Climbs to 10

The death toll from the mudslide that hit a hamlet in southwestern Colombia earlier this month has risen to 10, with five people still listed as missing, emergency management officials said. continue reading »

Saving the World, One Broken Stick at a Time

I am the last person in the world you would expect to save the world. As a kid, I would go to the backyard and light Styrofoam on fire and dance around it, like a pagan, so it was a bit of a shock when I joined the Ecology Club in high school. At first I joined it because it provided shelter inside the main building away from rainy days. However, I realized that the girls heavily outnumbered the boys, and this was the only forum where girls would actually care for what I had to say. continue reading »

President Calderon Inaugurates Mexico’s First Solar Power Plant

Mexican President Felipe Calderon inaugurated a large-scale solar power plant that he touted as the region's first, a pilot facility in the northwestern state of Baja California that features 4,000 photovoltaic panels and 1 MW in generating capacity. continue reading »

Biodegradable Rainforest Gum Presented at Green Forum in Mexico

A biodegradable, non-stick gum that won't sully sidewalks and trash cans made of "natural plastic" were some of the products on display at the just-concluded 2012 Green Solutions Forum, held in the Mexican capital to seek ways of combating climate change. continue reading »

Search Teams Continue to Scour Southern Colombia for Mudslide Victims

Search teams resumed looking Sunday for 11 people reported missing after a mudslide in Villas del Prado, a hamlet outside the southwestern Colombian city of Isnos, with the official death toll from the disaster at four, officials said. continue reading »

13 People Missing Since Mudslide Attacks Southern Colombia

At least 13 people went missing Saturday and five were injured in a mudslide that buried a hamlet in the southwestern Colombian province of Huila, emergency management services in Bogota said. continue reading »

7.3 Earthquake Shakes Souther Colombia

A magnitude-7.3 earthquake rocked no fewer than 11 provinces in southern and southwestern Colombia on Sunday, but so far there have been no reports of deaths or injuries, although a few homes were damaged in a small village. continue reading »

Severe Rains in Southern Spain Take 3 Lives

A 6-year-old girl and an elderly man died Friday in the southern municipality of Puerto Lumbreras as a result of heavy rains battering much of southern Spain, bringing to three the number of fatalities blamed on the storm. continue reading »

Chevron Pays $17 Million Fine for Oil Spill in Brazil

U.S. oil supermajor Chevron Corp. said it has paid the 35.1 million reais ($17 million) fine imposed by Brazil's ANP regulator for an oil spill last November. continue reading »

Fires In Ecuador Kill 5, Wipe of 43,500 Acres of Land

The fires devastating Ecuador have now consumed more than 17,600 hectares (43,500 acres) of woodland, upland valleys and crops, and have left five people dead and 73 injured, according to the SNGR emergency management office. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Pollution in Latin America

Globally, outdoor urban air pollution kills 2 million people annually and indoor air pollution causes 2 million premature deaths. In Latin America, 100 million people in are exposed to levels of air pollution that exceed the recommended standards. With these rates it is important to look at the health and environmental issues connected to pollution. HS-News takes a look at which countries are culprits and which are taking strides towards environmental protection. continue reading »