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Tag Results for "Environmental News"

200,000 Trees Reported Felled in Valuable Puerto Rico Forest

An environmental organization reported the cutting of close to 200,000 trees on Monte Barinas, an area on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico whose subtropical dry forest is of great ecological value for its now-endangered native vegetation and fauna. continue reading »

Police Foil Animal Trafficking Scheme in Bolivia, Seize 5,000 Caimans

Bolivian police seized 5,000 live baby caimans in an operation against animal trafficking in the oriental province of Santa Cruz, which borders on Brazil and Paraguay, the provincial government said Saturday. continue reading »

Brazil Partners With Japan to Map the Genome of Amazonian Manatee

Brazil's INPA research institute and Japan's Kyoto University have reached an agreement to map the genome of the Amazon manatee. continue reading »

Environmental Group Calls for Nicaragua to Ban Shark Fishing

An environmental group is calling for a greater government presence in Nicaragua's Caribbean waters following the discovery of a boat with dozens of dead sharks aboard in Little Corn Island. continue reading »

Scarlet Macaws Face Extinction in Mexico

A total of 60 scarlet macaws will be set free in an ecological park in southeastern Mexico to avoid the extinction of this colorful subspecies continue reading »

Spain Sends Condolences for Argentine Flood Victims

Spain's King Juan Carlos has sent a telegram to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez expressing his condolences to the families of those who died in the recent floods in the South American country, and stated his support for the Argentine people in this catastrophe, sources in the royal household told Efe. continue reading »

Brazil to Receive Grant to Promote Low-Carbon Agriculture

Brazil is to receive funding to provide small and medium farmers with grants to encourage the adoption of sustainable farming methods in states critical to Brazil’s biomass—three in the Amazon region (Mato Grosso, Pará and Rondônia) plus four in the Atlantic Forest region (Bahia, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul). continue reading »

Argentina Inundated with “Tsunami of Rain,” 54 Die

The death toll from the heavy rains that have recently fallen on Buenos Aires and nearby parts of the country now stands at 54, Argentine authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

Galapagos Islands Open World’s First Eco-Friendly Airport Terminal

The world's first eco-friendly air terminal began operating fully this week on Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, the airport management company Ecogal said. The passenger terminal began partial operations in December before it was completely finished because it was still waiting for material from the old building. continue reading »

Florida Evacuates Families After Detecting Possible Sinkhole

Officials in Florida evacuated several homes located four kilometers (about 2.5 miles) from the spot where a sinkhole swallowed and killed a man on the state's west coast a month ago and another sinkhole was detected nearby in early March. continue reading »

Fisherman Discovers Two-Headed Bull Shark Fetus in Florida

A fisherman in the Florida Keys discovered a live bull shark fetus with two heads, something that scientists had never seen before in that species. continue reading »

Toxic Smoke Lingering Over Panama City, Panama

A cloud of toxic smoke on Wednesday covered part of the Panamanian capital as a fire burned in the city's largest trash dump. Activities in Panama City were continuing normally with the exception that some schools near the site of the fire suspended classes for the day. continue reading »

Monarch Butterflies Occupying 59 Percent Less Area in Mexico

The areas occupied by monarch butterflies during the 2012-2013 season at the reserve in the western Mexican state of Michoacan have been reduced by 59 percent, the National Protected Natural Areas Commission, or Conanp, said. continue reading »

Costa Rican Zoo Welcomes First King Vulture Born in Captivity

Costa Rica's Zoo Ave has managed the first birth in captivity in Latin America of a king vulture, the zoological park said Wednesday. Zoo Ave, a respected animal rescue center, operates a zoological park located about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. continue reading »

Environmental Experts Warn Mexico of Increased Sea Turtle Mortality Rates

International experts have warned President Enrique Peña Nieto that Mexico is experiencing high mortality rates among sea turtles off the coast of the northwestern state of Baja California Sur, the Mexican Center for Environmental Law, or CEMDA, said. continue reading »

Latino Organizations Call on Obama, EPA To Address Environmental Issues

This week, over 20 Latino leaders and organizations submitted a letter to the White House today asking President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency for strong standards to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants. continue reading »

Colombia Halts Hotel Project in Tayrona National Park

The Colombian government has suspended a hotel project in Tayrona National Park that included the construction of 12 cabins, to prevent any possible damage to the ecosystems of this natural reserve. continue reading »

Rare Earth Elements Could be the Source of Clean Energy

Although they might have archaic-sounding names to the public, dysprosium, terbium, europium, neodymium and yttrium because of their rarity hold the secret to future technology as well as the success of clean energy and they are preoccupying the most powerful nations of the world. continue reading »

Latinos Getting Fracked?

2012 closed with an interesting note: As reported in this article from Reuters, the term “fracking” was more popular than “climate change” in US online searches. continue reading »

Mexico Shaken by 5.3 Earthquake in Chiapas

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake rocked the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas on Sunday morning, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service said. continue reading »