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Tag Results for "Ellen Mcmahon"

The Alignment Process

A project I am doing at work has me thinking. I am working on a curriculum project that I think of as an alignment process. In looking at individual courses, whether in grammar school or high school continue reading »

Aging by Dr. Ellen McMahon

Growing old is not for the faint of heart. There are lots of things that change whether you like it or not. Suddenly things that you took for granted as a constant are no longer there and that includes people! continue reading »

Forcing Bulbs

We are just entering spring and the last of my bulbs are blooming. From November to March I try to keep flowers blooming in my house. I think there is something very welcoming and homey about having plants blooming in the house in the winter. continue reading »

Creating a Season

There are seasons of the year when we spend lots of time and energy even money on decorating. We decorate the house inside and out. We wear festive clothing and even costumes. With t continue reading »

Rational Beings

A basic economic principle states that we are rational beings who make decisions based on a rational process that serves our particular needs. This assumption is something I have always taken issue with. continue reading »

Investing in Nothing for Yourself

What have you done for yourself lately? Do you ever make note of those things that you do just for yourself? It may seem selfish or narcissistic to be focused on doing for yourself continue reading »

Change – It’s the Little Things

I like to think of myself as someone who not only embraces change but seeks it out. I love a challenge or a new task that asks me to stretch or requires me to look at something in an entirely different way. continue reading »

What are we afraid of?

Several nights ago I had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting of prospective students all considering going back to school for an MBA. There was a short presentation on why investing in education is important and smart in this job market. continue reading »

The Importance of Friendship

I feel very lucky that some of my friends have been around for more than half of my life. We were friends before marriage and children, as we were just beginning professional lives, and while we struggled to find our way as grownups. We moved away and then moved back; continue reading »

Rhythms of Life

This time of year, with winter continuing longer that anyone thinks it should, I find myself wanting to do nothing more than stay home curled up with a good book or just puttering around the house doing usually avoided chores. continue reading »

Whose Job is it?

How do you know when someone has not only heard what you have to say but actually understood your message? Is it your job, the sender of the message, to make sure the receiver of the message has understood your message in the way you intended? continue reading »

Challenging Routines and Beliefs

It is very easy to get caught up in the rhythms of our day. We get comfortable with the requirements of home and work, family and friends continue reading »

When is work play?

When my oldest daughter, now a teacher in Nevada, was young she rode horses. We lived far from the barn and so she didn’t get to go to the barn everyday but only a few times each week. So when she did get to the barn she gave it her all. continue reading »