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Tag Results for "Electricity"

Nearly a Third of Peruvians Rely on Firewood Due to Lack of Electricity

Some 3 million people in Peru's rural areas still lack electricity and nearly a third of the population is using firewood as cooking fuel, the Energy, Development and Life, or EnDev, project, said. continue reading »

Solar Energy to Power Operations of Chilean Mines

Solar Energy Development companies say that the strength of the sunshine in the Atacama Desert, could translate in electricity for all the mines in the region at far lower prices than those of plants that burn fossil fuels. continue reading »

Chávez: Pay Past Due Electricity Bills, or be Left in the Dark

The government of Venezuela gave an ultimate to mayors, governors and every state-run company in the nation to pay past-due electricity bills, before being shut down, in a move to decrease waste and balance government accounts. continue reading »