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Tag Results for "Election 2012"

US Bishops to Study 50-state Approach to Immigration at Utah Conference

A three-day conference on issues faced by Catholic advocates of comprehensive immigration reform is scheduled for Jan. 11-13 in Salt Lake City. The conference is sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network. continue reading »

As Iowa Caucuses Approach, Signatories of Iowa Compact Hope to Reframe Immigration Debate

Exhausted by the base immigration rhetoric prevalent in the GOP presidential debate, a group of concerned Iowans is seeking to reframe the issue in anticipation of the Iowa Caucuses next month. continue reading »

Majority of Latino Voters Say Religion has No Impact on Voting Preferences

The poll revealed that a majority of Latino voters, 53%, stated that religion does not have an impact on their voting preference, while 40% of respondents indicated that it does have an impact. continue reading »

Mitt Romney’s “Solution” to Immigration Calls for Latino Immigrants to Go “Home”

Mitt Romney has officially staked out the most extreme immigration position possible: the removal of every undocumented immigrant in the nation. His message to Latino immigrants is: "go home." continue reading »

That Ship Has Sailed , Senator Rubio by Hector Luis Alamo jr

Two weeks ago, in a deft display of political maneuvering, Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio urged his party to tone down its anti-immigrant rhetoric. In front of a gathering for the Washington Ideas Forum, the 40-year-old Cuban-American senator underscored the need for the GOP to win back Latino and pro-immigrant voters: “The Republican Party should not be labeled as the anti-illegal immigration party. Republicans need to be the pro-legal immigration party.” continue reading »

Potential Latino Vice Presidential Candidates Not Well Known by Most Voters

One of the back stories of the GOP primary is whether any of the candidates vying to represent the Republican Party and challenge President Obama continue reading »

Certain Republican Politicans Urging a Balanced Approach to Immigration

Republican office-holders, business leaders and law enforcement officials from Arizona, Utah and Georgia made an appeal Thursday for practical and fair solutions to the problem of illegal immigration. continue reading »

Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona Running as Democratic for U.S. Senate in Arizona

Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona announced that he is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for the Arizona Senate seat being vacated by Republican Jon Kyl. continue reading »

TELEMUNDO To Host Its First-Ever Primary Republican Presidential Debate In December

Telemundo announced today that it will produce and broadcast its first ever Republican Presidential debate from Las Vegas, Nevada in early December, weeks before the primary season begins in key states with a high concentration of Hispanics. continue reading »

Mitt Romney Video Bashes Perry on Immigration and Features Praise from Former Mexican President

A new Mitt Romney campaign video once again paints Governor Rick Perry as soft on immigration and shows former Mexican President Vicente Fox praising Perry for in-state tuition for 'Mexican migrants.' continue reading »

Washington Post and National Journal: GOP Losing Latino Voters With Immigration Politics

A Washington Post editorial notes that Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) is just the latest candidate to use “the usual Republican crutch to justify his position, insisting that the border must be made secure before reform is possible. But the border is more secure than it has been in decades — as measured by the soaring federal presence and plummeting rates of illegal crossings and crime on the frontier — and the GOP’s argument is looking increasingly threadbare.” continue reading »

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Family Has Mexican Roots

In a 2007 interview with "60 Minutes" the now-presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he couldn't "imagine anything more awful than polygamy,” when asked about his family’s polygamist continue reading »

Mitt Romney, Official Presidential Candidate’s Family Has Mexican Roots

In a 2007 interview with "60 Minutes" the now-presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he couldn't "imagine anything more awful than polygamy,” when asked about his family’s polygamist continue reading »

Latino Leaders Considering Idea of Tequila Party

Latino leaders nationwide and in Nevada are quietly considering stepping back from the Democratic Party and forming an independent grass-roots political party. Similar to the Tea-Party (in model only) the idea is being considered out of frustration over the Party’s inaction on immigration reform. Latino leaders have called their proposal “ Tequila Party.” continue reading »