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Tag Results for "Election 2012"

VIEWPOINT: The Emerging Pro-Choice Majority

Abortion rights, we’re told, are our Great Divider. America is cleaved in two. Fifty unremitting percent on either side. There is no United States of America, only pro and anti choice America. But what if that’s not true? Or, more precisely, what if that won’t be true for much longer? continue reading »

How Latino Voters Annihilated Romney and the Republicans

It is hard to overstate the influence of Latino voters in shaping the results of the 2012 elections. They played a critical role in re-electing President Obama and in saving the Democratic majority in the Senate, again. And immigration clearly was one if the main issues that produced unprecedented Latino turnout levels and historic levels of support for Democratic candidates. continue reading »

ELECTION 2012: Strategists Say Hispanic Vote Will be Historic

Democratic campaign strategists say the Hispanic vote will be "historic" in Tuesday's elections and could be the deciding factor of whether Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House. continue reading »

VOTE Then Celebrate Election Day with an ‘Obama’rita’ or a ‘Mint Romney’

For many, time and energy has been invested and spent and a lot is riding on today's election. So now that you have voted (if not, get to it!) you can help yourself to one (or both) of these political drinks created by Polar Seltzer. continue reading »

On Election Day Latinos Need to Make History with Record Voter Turnout

I am urging everyone I know to get off their Laz-y Boys and go out and vote tomorrow. No excuses- not even from all my aunts whose backsides resemble their sofas and think they can vote by yelling at Fox TV – this is a historic vote. continue reading »

Romney Claims He Won’t Deport Undocumented Youth With Work Permits

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney promised not to deport undocumented youths who have benefited from the Obama administration's Deferred Action program continue reading »

If Mitt Romney was Actually Mexican, Would He Still Support Arizona’s’ SB 1070?

As reported, U.S. District judge lifted an injunction against the “show me your papers” provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, allowing this draconian provision to go into effect. Many agree that the implementation of this provision will involve rampant racial profiling of Latinos in Arizona. No doubt, additional legal challenges will be brought to stop it. continue reading »

Steak and Politics: Eva Longoria Opening Women’s Steakhouse, Speaking at Democratic Convention

Following the closing of the Vegas steakhouse she was a 30 percent stakeholder in, Eva Longoria is now reorganizing to open a 1920s era dining and nightlife steakhouse complete with fashion shows, aimed at women. continue reading »

impreMedia-Latino Decisions Poll Finds Latino Support of Romney Up Following RNC

In the second release of impreMedia-Latino Decisions’ 11-week tracking poll it was revealed that Latino voters’ support of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is increasing. continue reading »

POLL: Obama Has Huge Lead Among Hispanics

Barack Obama and his vice president and running mate, Joe Biden, would receive the support of a robust 63 percent of Hispanic voters compared with 28 percent who would vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Rya continue reading »

Report: Immigrants Drive United States’ Small Business Creation

According to a report from a bipartisan group of more than 450 mayors and business leaders from around the country known as the Partnership for a New American Economy, immigrants are increasingly more likely to start small businesses and create jobs. continue reading »

This is How You Fight Voter Suppression (VIDEO)

Watch this video to ensure you know how to register to vote and what to bring with you to the voting booth! In 2011, Florida made some important changes to its voting laws. Ever Floridian needs to understand these changes particularly African Americans, continue reading »

Hispanic Leadership Network Encourages Greater Political Participation by Latinos

A conservative Hispanic organization is seeking to encourage Latinos to propose changes in politics and the public sector with an eye toward creating jobs and improving the economy. continue reading »

Giuliani Claims Romney Will Push For Immigration Reform if Elected

Immigration reform would be possible if Republican Mitt Romney wins the presidency, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Efe in an interview. continue reading »

Poor Arizona Democratic Leadership Causes Drop of 52,000 Dem Voters While Independents Surge

Voter frustration with political hyper-partisanship in Arizona may explain the swell over the past two years in registered independents — a change that some political insiders deem dangerous. The biggest increase in independents occurred between June 2010 and July 2011, and the numbers have basically stayed flat over the past year. continue reading »

Poll: Obama Favored Over Romney Among Hispanic Voters - But Pres’ Work for Hispanic Vote Not Over

Though Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign is aware they will need as much of the Latino vote as they can get, it is surely an uphill battle, as Republicans have historically no been very popular among Hispanics/Latinos. continue reading »

Tough Job: Bettina Inclan is Republican Party’s Director of Hispanic Outreach

Bettina Inclan has what some would consider one of the toughest jobs for Republicans. In January, Inclan was named the Republican National Committee’s first ever Director or Hispanic Outreach. continue reading »

Rubio Watch: Rubio’s ‘Dream Act Light’ Jumbles Immigration Issue

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spent the week in the spotlight as the latest potential running mate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The Hispanic lawmaker, anointed as the party's best hope for appealing to more Latino voters, came loaded for bear — rolling out an alternative to the Democrats' Dream Act. continue reading »

Rosario Dawson’s Voto Latino Now Offering 35 Free Songs Via iTunes

With high profile artists like Pitbull, Romero Santos, Los Lobos, and Los Tigres donating songs, Voto Latino is pulling out all the stops to entice young Latinos to both register to and actually vote, continue reading »

President Obama Urges Congress to Finally Pass DREAM Act in 2012

U.S. President Barack Obama said Congress should take one step toward overhauling the country's immigration system by passing the DREAM Act continue reading »