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Tag Results for "El Salvador News"

Another Secret Service Ho-Down, This Time with Prostitutes & Strippers from El Salvador

The U.S. Secret Service said Thursday it is investigating allegations that agents frequented a strip club and patronized prostitutes in El Salvador ahead of President Barack Obama's March 2011 visit to the Central American country. continue reading »

At Least 75 Die during Holy Week in El Salvador, 49 were Murdered

At least 75 people died during Holy Week in El Salvador, 26 of whom drowned or died in other accidents and 49 of whom were murdered, authorities said Tuesday. continue reading »

U.S. Diplomat Travels to El Salvador & Belize on Citizen Security Issues

Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights María Otero is traveling to El Salvador March 26-28 and to Belize March 28-29. continue reading »

UPDATE:  Secretary Napolitano Visit to El Salvador and Costa Rica

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano,traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador and San Jose, Costa Rica to meet with international counterparts continue reading »

Plaguing Problem for Latin America: Inmates Killed in El Salvador Prison

At least three inmates were murdered and another is missing at the Chalatenango prison in northern El Salvador, officials said. continue reading »

UN Urges El Salvador to Address Issues of Social Inequality

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called today on El Salvador to address its socio-economic inequalities and advance rule of law reform to ensure its citizens can experience positive and tangible continue reading »

Former El Salvador Guerrillas Continue Occupation of Main Cathedral in Country

One day to go to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the 20th "Peace Accords" in El Salvador and the main church of this country, the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Salvador continues to be occupied by former veterans of the previous armed conflict. continue reading »

Immigration Deports El Salvadoran Wanted for Murder, Making it 260th Removal of Foreign Fugitive

A man from El Salvador, who was wanted for murder in his home country, was deported and turned over to El Salvador officials on Jan. 6 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers. continue reading »

Residental Mortgage Lending in Latin America Gets Boost from International Lenders

La Hipotecaria will get a financial package of approximately $20 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to boost residential mortgage financing to low- and middle-income individuals in El Salvador, Panama and Colombia. continue reading »

Catholic Church in El Salvador Urges “Dirty Campaign” to Stop for Upcoming Elections

The Catholic Church of El Salvador has urged the country's political parties to lead a "clean campaign" for the upcoming legislative and municipal elections in 2012, and to put an end to the "dirty campaign" that characterized past elections. continue reading »

El Salvador Gets $50 Million to Reduce Risk to Slums from Natural Disasters

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a loan for US$50 million to El Salvador for a project to reduce the vulnerability of residents in slums continue reading »

Surf for Life Members Surf and Build a School in El Salvador

It's not uncommon for surfers to travel the world chasing the best waves. But what is out of the ordinary is how members of Surf for Life pass the time when they're not out on the water. Instead of kicking back and relaxing, they spend their downtime helping build infrastructure for coastal communities. continue reading »

International Aid Coming to Flood-Ravaged El Salvador

United Nations aid agencies are ramping up their efforts to provide shelter, food and health care to El Salvador, which is facing one of the greatest disasters in its history as heavy rains continue to cause severe flooding across Central America. continue reading »

UN Approves Funds for Flood Ravaged El Salvador

The United Nations reported it has approved an emergency cash grant for El Salvador and sent additional staff to the country as it beefs up efforts to help the Government respond to severe floods that have affected five other countries after heavy rainfall in Central America. continue reading »

Heavy Rains in Central America Take Their Toll, 66 Deaths Reported Thus Far

A week of torrential rains throughout the Central American region have left at least 66 dead and displaced thousands of others, with Honduras suffering the most losses at 28. continue reading »

Small Business Sector in El Salvador to Get Boost from $30 Million in Funding

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a loan for $30 million to El Salvador to finance the Program to Support Production Development for International Integration continue reading »

UN Hears:Drug Trafficking Greatest Threat to Latin American Countries Today

Costa Rica and El Salvador, two countries highly affected by drug-related violence in recent years, have urged the United Nations to help fight drug cartels and organized crime, and called on Member States with high numbers of drug consumers to take the lead on the issue. continue reading »

Annual Fireball Fight in El Salvador ( VIDEO)

Salvadorans throw fiery, gasoline-soaked rags at one another in the streets in El Salvador as part of an annual festival in honor of a volcanic eruption in 1922. Residents in the town of Nejapa, located some 18 miles north of San Salvador, gather every August 31 to hurl fireballs at one another in honor of a huge volcanic eruption in 1922 that forced all of the residents to abandon the town. continue reading »

El Salvador Now Being Considered a Preferred Port of Call for Cruises

El Salvador’s tourism ministry is celebrating news that the Royal Caribbean cruise liner is considering them as a port of call, they are among a list of other carriers looking to visit this Central American country. continue reading »

New Law en El Salvador Threatens Judicial Independence UN Says

Gabriela Knaul, the UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, said the legislation – which passed by El Salvador’s national assembly and was promulgated by the executive – could be considered “an affront to the principles of separation of powers and independence of the judiciary, fundamental elements of any democracy and any rule of law.” continue reading »