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Tag Results for "El Narco Del Blogger"

Founding Member of Los Zetas “Z-18” Arrested in Puebla

The Attorney General for the Republic (PGR) confirmed that Gonzalo Ceresano Escribano, alias “Z-18” and/or “El Cuije”, was detained in Puebla . He is considered to be one of the founding members of “Los Zetas” and boss of the plaza in Puebla. continue reading »

Gabriel Garcia Carballo, Known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In Tabasco Was Killed in a Shootout

The Tabasco State Police on Friday tried to capture Gabriel Garcia Carballo. He is known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In that area and was killed in the clash. continue reading »

Narco Booty Auction Begins-All sales to respect buyer’s privacy!

Thursdays auction drew a crowd of more than 700 people. Up for auction was the jewelry seized from organized crime. The auction is being held at the “Mexico City Hotel.” continue reading »

The U.S. military enters Mexico to patrol Ciudad Juarez

U.S. Army troops have arrived in Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua (north) to combat organized crime . They are working with local authorities to aid in intelligence work said Wednesday the state government's general secretary, Carlos Silveyra Saito. continue reading »