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Tag Results for "El Narco Blogger"

NARCO BLOG: 15-year-old Member of Mexico’s Pacific South Cartel Captured

Giovanni Molina Ortiz, 18 years old, and Erik Antonio Gomez, 15 years old, were captured this week by the Mexican Army in Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Family Massacre in Tepic, Nayarit (Warning Explicit Photos)

A couple driving on the circle on the Avenue project in the city of Tepic, Nayarit, were intercepted by armed criminals. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Nephew of “Lord of Heaven” and “The Viceroy” captured in Chihuahua

The Federal Police successfully carried out a rescue mission releasing 4 hostages kidnapped by criminals yesterday. Seven of the kidnappers were captured including the nephew of the Carrillo Fuentes continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Gunman Burst into Home, Kill Police Officer and 10 yr Old Daughter

Durango state authorities have confirmed that Loyo Martin Najera, who served as Deputy Commander Police Municipal Villa Union, was executed at his home. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: 11 Prisoners Escape Prison in Chihuahua by Cutting Hole in Fence

Authorities confirmed that during the early hours of today, twelve inmates of the prison Serdán Achilles, in Chihuahua, escaped. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Terror at Casino Royale in Monterrey

At dawn on Sunday the Casino Royale ,in the exclusive area of San Jeronimo Monterrey, was crowded with gamblers when terror and panic arose. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Second Decapitation of the Year in Nuevo Leon

On Saturday residents from the colony Altamira, located in the city of Monterrey, area reported the presence of body on their streets . Authorities went to the site immediately. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Man Executed in Tabasco Mexico

Fernando Ascencio Lopez , 37 years old, was executed in Corregidor Tabasco. Witnesses say that three trucks arrived at Lopez’s home and shortly thereafter several explosions were heard. The killers left the body just meters from his home. continue reading »

Narco Blogger Reports:Mexico Auctions Off Narco-Bling and Raises 6.5 Million

Jewelry, trucks, aircraft and wines seized from Drug Lords were auctioned by the Government of Mexico and raised 6.4 million after two days. Friday, the Department of Administration and Disposal of Assets (SAE) confirmed continue reading »

Gabriel Garcia Carballo, Known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In Tabasco Was Killed in a Shootout

The Tabasco State Police on Friday tried to capture Gabriel Garcia Carballo. He is known as the Arab leader of Los Zetas In that area and was killed in the clash. continue reading »

Narco Booty Auction Begins-All sales to respect buyer’s privacy!

Thursdays auction drew a crowd of more than 700 people. Up for auction was the jewelry seized from organized crime. The auction is being held at the “Mexico City Hotel.” continue reading »

Shooting in Tampico Tampaulipis

Residents of the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, report a shooting incident on Thursday that spanned several hours Residents are frustrated by the indifference of the media. continue reading »

The U.S. military enters Mexico to patrol Ciudad Juarez

U.S. Army troops have arrived in Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua (north) to combat organized crime . They are working with local authorities to aid in intelligence work said Wednesday the state government's general secretary, Carlos Silveyra Saito. continue reading »