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Tag Results for "Education"

After 100 Days in Office Peña Nieto Vows to Change Mexico

President Enrique Peña Nieto marked his first 100 days in office by vowing to bring wide-ranging reform and structural changes to Mexico. "Each decision made, each action taken is in response to the great goal we set on the first day - to transform Mexico," Peña Nieto told a gathering of business and political leaders at the National Palace in Mexico City. continue reading »

Urge Congress to Take Action to Protect Vital Programs Before Too Late

On March 1, 2013 automatic cuts that were delayed from the January 2nd “fiscal cliff” debates will go into effect if Congress does not take immediate action. What do these cuts mean for the Latino community? continue reading »

Latin America Aims to Improve Education System with New Technologies

Latin America is aware that new technologies can represent a "lever of change" in its educational systems, the director of digital business for the Spanish publishing house Santillana said here Friday. continue reading »

Connecticut Shooting About Gun Reform, Not Education Reform

I’ve remained silent watching the news about the funerals for the victims—especially the children—of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. I watched two parents on CNN last night talk about the loss of their daughter. continue reading »

NY Taking Steps to Preserve Spanish Language

Politicians, academics, writers and other representatives of Latino culture took the first step on Wednesday in promoting an initiative that seeks to save and preserve Spanish in New York. continue reading »

800 Public Schools to Expand Access to AP STEM Courses Thanks to Grant

The College Board is announcing the AP STEM Access program, created to increase the number of traditionally underrepresented minority and female high school students who participate in Advanced Placement Program courses in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines. continue reading »

Will Americans View Spanish as an International Language in the Future?

With more than 420 million people speaking it, the future of Spanish "as an international language" is on the line in the United States, the director of Spain's Cervantes Institute told Efe here Friday. continue reading »

Mexican Teachers Union Threaten Indefinite Strike in Oaxaca

A section of the SNTE teachers union threatened to call an indefinite strike in all the schools of the southern state of Oaxaca if the regional government does not return to them the centers that it awarded six years ago to another local of the same union. continue reading »

Goya Announces Annual Scholarship Recipients

Goya Foods, America's largest Hispanic food company, announced the recipients of Goya's annual Employee Scholarship, awarded to the sons and daughters of company employees and Goya's nationwide Culinary Arts and Food Sciences Scholarship awarded to students entering their freshman year of college to obtain their first undergraduate degree in culinary arts and/or food sciences. continue reading »

Massachusetts Will Offer In-State Tuition To DREAMers With Work Permits

The state of Massachusetts will soon allow undocumented immigrants protected under the President’s deferred action program to pay in-state tuition at public universities. continue reading »

Former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros to Head Advisory Board for NHU

The National Hispanic University announced today that it has formed an advisory board composed of prominent leaders from across the country. The board will be chaired by the Hon. Henry Cisneros, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The board will provide guidance on overall strategy and serve as the university's ambassadors to the public, private and nonprofit sectors. continue reading »

IDB Loan Will Support the Productive Community Secondary Education Model in Bolivia

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a loan for $40 million to finance the 2010 “Avelino Siñani-Elizardo Pérez” Education Law in Bolivia, which requires that secondary education be obligatory and that it follow a humanistic and technical model, among other things. continue reading »

Costa Rica to Improve Education Infrastructure with $167M Loan

Costa Rica will improve the physical conditions of educational infrastructure, the learning environment, and the efficiency in elmentary and secondary schools with a $167 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

National Louis University Encouraging Teachers to Partake in Education Debate

With the recent teacher strikes in districts throughout the Chicagoland area, the public debate about education has remained at the forefront in the community and nationwide. Many have voiced their opinions about what teachers should do to increase student success and how to do it – often portraying teachers as villains. continue reading »

Illinois Dream Fund To Begins Accepting Scholarship Applications in November

The Illinois Dream Fund, which has collected $500,000 from private donors, announced Friday that on Nov. 1 it will begin accepting applications for the scholarships it will award to undocumented students eager to enter college. continue reading »

Mexican University Receives U.S. Accreditation

During the celebration of half a century of history, CETYS University System in Baja California, Mexico, received the official certificate of Accreditation conferred by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), one of six regional accrediting agencies in the United States. continue reading »

Report: Affirmative Action Ban in California Is Detrimental to Campus Diversity

The Civil Rights Project published important new data on the way in which California’s ban on affirmative action harms the University of California in comparison to the University of Texas, which still has affirmative action, in terms of both the climate on campus for nonwhite students and the lack of success in recruiting top-ranked applicants of color. continue reading »

“Scoring for Education” Campaign Offers Tips For Attaining Higher Education

In 2002 the PEW Hispanic Center released a report titled, "Latinos in Higher Education: Many Enroll, Too Few Graduate." In the 10 years since the study was published, how much has changed? continue reading »

U.S. Army, Leading Latino Organizations Promote Education During Hispanic Heritage Month

The U.S. Army will again join the nation in recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15) by highlighting the educational, leadership and career opportunities it provides for Hispanic youth. The Army will partner with key Latino organizations to help develop the next generation of leaders – either for military or civilian careers – with a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). continue reading »

Tomas Rivera Lecturer Calls for Greater Educational Opportunity for Latinos

As a young boy, Luis Ubinas grew up poor in the South Bronx. His mother, bent over her sewing machine, imagined a better future for her son. From these humble beginnings, he went on to graduate from Harvard College, where he was named a Truman Scholar, and Harvard Business School, where he graduated with highest honors. He now heads the Ford Foundation, the second-largest philanthropy in the U.S., with more than $10 billion in assets. continue reading »