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Tag Results for "Education Column"

Whose Job is it?

How do you know when someone has not only heard what you have to say but actually understood your message? Is it your job, the sender of the message, to make sure the receiver of the message has understood your message in the way you intended? continue reading »

Challenging Routines and Beliefs

It is very easy to get caught up in the rhythms of our day. We get comfortable with the requirements of home and work, family and friends continue reading »

Turning Around the Nation’s Lowest-Performing Schools

Across the country, states and school districts are focusing on turning around the nation’s lowest-performing schools. continue reading »

When is work play?

When my oldest daughter, now a teacher in Nevada, was young she rode horses. We lived far from the barn and so she didn’t get to go to the barn everyday but only a few times each week. So when she did get to the barn she gave it her all. continue reading »