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Tag Results for "Easter"

Google Defends Decision to Honor Cesar Chavez on Easter

Google’s decision to honor Latino civil rights icon Cesar Chavez on his birthday Sunday instead of Easter was the target of criticism, forcing Google to defend its decision. continue reading »

Pope Francis Calls for Peace at First Easter Mass

Pope Francis called on Easter Sunday for peace in a world "still divided by greed looking for easy gain, wounded by the selfishness which threatens human life and the family, selfishness that continues in human trafficking, the most extensive form of slavery in this twenty-first century." continue reading »

Argentina Working on Creating 9,920 Pound Easter Egg - World’s Largest

A giant chocolate Easter egg made from 9,920 pounds of chocolate will be unveiled in Miramar, a city in the Buenos Aires province in celebration of Holy Week. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Hotels Near Maximum Capacity Thanks to Holy Week

Puerto Rico will achieve a hotel occupancy rate of 93 percent during Holy Week, the director of the Puerto Rican Tourism Company, or CTPR, Ingrid Rivera, said Wednesday. continue reading »

If Lent is 40 days, why are there 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter?

"The 40 days of Lent" has always been more of a metaphor than a literal count. Over the course of history the season of preparation for Easter Sunday has ranged from one day (in the first century) to 44 (today in the Roman church). Officially since 1970, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends at sunset on Holy Thursday. continue reading »

Mexicans Celebrate Easter With Recreation of The Passion

This Semana Santa, thousands of people come from all over México to converge at the capital, in the neighborhood of Ixtapalapa, to watch the annual passion of the Christ. continue reading »