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Tag Results for "Earthquake"

A 7.7 Earthquake Destroyed Caracas, Venezuela in 1812

Today in Latin American history, a 7.7 earthquake destroyed Caracas, Venezuela killing more than 15,000 people in 1812. continue reading »

7.5 Earthquake Killed more than 22,000 in Guatemala and Honduras in 1976

Today in Latin American history, a 7.5 earthquake killed more than 22,000 in Guatemala and Honduras in 1976. The earthquake struck during the early morning (at 3:01 am, local time) when most people were asleep. This contributed to the high death toll of 23,000. continue reading »

An 8.3 Earthquake Struck Chile Killing 28,000 in 1939

Today in Latin American history, the deadliest earthquake in Chilean history struck Chillán in 1939. The 8.3 earthquake killed an estimated 28,000 people, more than half of the city of Chillán was destroyed. continue reading »

A 6.2 Earthquake Struck Nicaragua in 1972

Today in Latin American history, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes the Nicaraguan capital of Managua killing more than 10,000 in 1972. continue reading »

An 8.2 Earthquake and Tsunami Attacks Colombia and Ecuador in 1979

Today in Latin American history, an 8.2 earthquake and tsunami kill nearly 600 people in Colombia and Ecuador in 1979. The epicenter was just offshore from the border between Ecuador and Colombia, near the port city of Tumaco. continue reading »

6.5 Earthquake Rattles Guatemala

A powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake shook Guatemala and also caused alarm in neighboring El Salvador, although no casualties were immediately reported. continue reading »

8.0 Earthquake Hit Dominican Republic Killed 100, Left 20,000 Homeless in 1946

Today in Latin American history, an 8.0 earthquake hit northern Dominican Republic where 100 were killed, 20,000 were left homeless in 1946. The mainshock measured 8.1 on the surface wave magnitude scale and an aftershock occurred four days later. continue reading »

Southern Mexico Rocked by 5.8 Earthquake

A magnitude-5.8 earthquake rocked southern Mexico early Sunday, but no injuries or serious damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service said. continue reading »

6.9 Quake in Southern Colombia Injures 8, Damages 143 Homes

A total of eight people were injured and 143 homes were damaged by a magnitude-6.9 earthquake that rocked southwest Colombia, according to the latest report by the National Risk Assessment Unit, or UNGRD, on its Twitter account. continue reading »

Mexico Shaken by 5.3 Earthquake in Chiapas

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake rocked the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas on Sunday morning, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service said. continue reading »

Earthquake Death Toll Climbs After Additional Bodies Discovered in Guatemala

Guatemalan emergency agencies recovered two bodies that had been buried in rubble since the powerful earthquake that struck the country last week, bringing the official death toll from the disaster to 44, authorities said Tuesday. continue reading »

Southeastern Mexico Shaken by 5.0 Earthquake

A magnitude-5 earthquake shook the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas early Saturday, but without leaving any victims or material damage, the National Seismological Service said. continue reading »

7.3 Earthquake Shakes Souther Colombia

A magnitude-7.3 earthquake rocked no fewer than 11 provinces in southern and southwestern Colombia on Sunday, but so far there have been no reports of deaths or injuries, although a few homes were damaged in a small village. continue reading »

No Major Damage Reported from 5.4 Earthquake that Shook Southern Mexico

A magnitude-5.4 earthquake rattled parts of southern Mexico on Saturday, although no injuries or material damage have been reported, the National Seismology Service, or SSN, said. continue reading »

5.7 Earthquake Rocks Mexico, No Injuries or Damage Reported

A magnitude-5.7 earthquake rocked southern Mexico's Chiapas state on Sunday, but there were no injuries or damage, the National Seismology Service said. continue reading »

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BREAKING NEWS 6.9 Earthquake Rattles Lima, Perú

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9 was felt in the Peruvian cities of Lima and Arequipa, and across the coastal regions near the city of Ica. The quake’s epicenter was located 31 miles south of the coastal city Ica, some 178 miles away from Lima. No Tsunami alerts have been issued. continue reading »

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits North Argentina

No victims or major damages have been reported, though several buildings were evacuated in Buenos Aires—hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. continue reading »

Mayan Prophecy Predicted Massive Earthquake for Almost Same Time Japan’s Earthquake Occurred!

Apparently, the Mayans predicted the Earthquake in Japan and therefore many fatalists are asking, could 2012 be the real deal? continue reading »

6.0 Earthquake Shakes Chile on the Aniversary of Last Year’s Earthquake

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit central Chile on late Sunday evening, 10.29 p.m. local time (0129 GMT Monday) seismologists and officials said, causing some power outages continue reading »