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Tag Results for "Duet "

Latin Grammy Winner Miguel Bose Says Penelope Cruz Sings “Fabulously”

Miguel Bose next week will begin a performing tour of Spain to which he will invite some of the artists who have collaborated with him on his forthcoming album, among whom, to the surprise of everyone, was actress Penelope Cruz. continue reading »

Juanes Breaks Down Language Barriers in Duet With Brazil’s Paula Fernandes

Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes said that "Hoy me voy," recorded in Spanish and Portuguese along with Brazil's Paula Fernandes, is a bridge to overcoming the language barriers between the two cultures. continue reading »

Selena Gómez and Justin Bieber Duet at The Biebs’ Show in Rio de Janeiro (VIDEO)

Bieber and Gómez decided to treat Brazilian crowds with something special, check their performance of "Who Says." continue reading »