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Tag Results for "Drunk"

Mexico Madness: Why Drink and Drive When You Can Call Your Wife?

Take a look at this crafty Mexican housewife's drag-my-drunk-ass-husband-home contraption! continue reading »

OMG! We Hope This Isn’t a Latina! (VIDEO)

Drunk Woman Vs. The Ocean continue reading »

Every Day More Bars and Restaurants In Argentina use “Alcohometers”

Since the launch of the 'alcohometer' machine three months ago, 103 establishments in Argentina have already made them available to customers. continue reading »

Controversy in Mexico due to Alleged Alcoholism of President Felipe Calderon (VIDEO)

Controversy in Mexico is stirring due to an alleged alcoholism problem of President Felipe Calderon, while a deputy of the Labor Party assures that the Mexican leader has problems with alcohol. continue reading »