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Tag Results for "Drug Violence"

Protesters Demand Justice for Slain Mexican Activist Marisela Escobedo

Dozens of people held a demonstration in this violence-plagued Mexican border city to demand justice for slain rights activist Marisela Escobedo. On the one-year anniversary of her death, the protesters on Friday walked a route that Escobedo had covered while seeking justice for the August 2008 murder of her 16-year-old daughter. continue reading »

Does Mexico Need the International Criminal Court? MX Officials Furious

As Mexicans struggle with relentless massacres, mass graves and assassinations, a group of activists have turned to an outside power for help — the International Criminal Court. continue reading »

MX Considering Jail Time for Those who Glorify Drug Trafficking and Violence

Mexican lawmakers want to punish those who promote violence and drug trafficking in films, on the radio, on television and over the Internet, including composers of the "narcocorridos," or ballads, that praise drug traffickers, with prison time, Congressman Oscar Arce told Efe. continue reading »

The Banana Republic of Honduras by Hector Luis Alamo Jr.

Last week, historian Dana Frank wrote an article for The Nation in which she details a cocaine smuggling triangle involving a prominent Honduran billionaire, military and police backing from the Honduran government, and backdoor funding by the U.S. State Department. continue reading »

DEA Commandos Entering the Drug War Against the Narcos

It appears U.S. officials have created a new team of commandos to infiltrate certain “drug countries” in the Western Hemisphere. Countries known to be home to those running the drug trade continue reading »

Mexicans Seeking Asylum: A Facet of U.S.-Mexican Political Entanglements

A young policewoman feels trapped living in abysmal despair after fleeing a Mexican town near the border. She attempted to uphold the law in a society fed by narco-violence, but faced insurmountable opposition. Now, her only escape hinges on the uncertainty of the U.S. legal system. continue reading »

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Drug Violence Making Travel to Mexico Dangerous

The U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez is issuing this Emergency Message for U.S. citizens in the state of Chihuahua (“Emergency Messages” were formerly known as “Warden Messages”) continue reading »

1500 Strong, Mexican Poets Caravan Arrives in Juarez, Calling for Justice

Javier Sicilia, A Mexican Poet who lost an innocent son to drug violence has turned his grief into a crusade for peace. He started a caravan outside Mexico City last Saturday, and has gained about 1,500 followers, including others who had lost innocent family members and friends to drug violence, on his route to Ciudad Juarez, the country's most violent city. continue reading »

Mexico May Have Mass Grave Record After Another Found in Durango

In the last month, officials in Durango, Mexico have been to the sites of a number of mass graves, adding another on Tuesday. In total, 180 bodies have been found in the colonial town. continue reading »

Massive Manhunt Underway: Alleged Zetas Break Elmer Arnoldo Zelada Out of Prison in Guatemala

At least two dozen heavily armed men attacked a prison at 2:42 pm (Guatemala time) near the Mexican Border, and broke Elmer Arnoldo Zelaya out of jail. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Four Policeman Gunned Down in Ciudad Juarez

An armed commando ambushed four members of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Saturday.Roman Hernandez Montes, Eloy Gutierrez Guadalupe Mejía, Andrés Gutiérrez Lucero, and Hernández Martha Vein are reported as killed while another officer was in the hospital listed under “serious condition.” continue reading »

Mexico Blames US Guns for Aiding the Violence in Mexico

Many Mexican politicians view the current drug war as being driven by the US. Arguing it is US demand for narcotics, US weapons and US cash that keeps the violence going. Mexican Senator Sebastian Calderon Centeno says the United States hasn't done anything to curb demand for drugs or to diminish the flow of guns into Mexico. continue reading »

Mexican Prison Guards Release Inmates to Commit Crimes then Return to their Cells

Even in a country where violence and corruption are commonplace, this is a shocking story. Guards and personnel at a prison in Northern Mexico are under house arrest for allowing inmates to temporarily leave the prison, loaning them guns and vehicles. Drug related revenge attacks were then carried out, leaving 17 people dead and the inmates returned to the prison. continue reading »

Mexican Gang Drives Car Bomb into Police

Gang members in Juarez Mexico rammed a car into two police vehicles in the northern border city Thursday. The attack was in retaliation for the arrest of one of the leaders of the La Linea drug gang. continue reading »