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Tag Results for "Drug Cartels"

NARCO BLOG: Police in Morelia, Mexico Hunt Down “La Familia” Cartel Leaders (VIDEO)

The Mexican Federal Police have begun an operative to hunt down the top leaders of the terrorist drug cartel known as "La Familia" in Morelia, western Mexico. continue reading »

WikiLeaks on Mexico:  Mexicans Paying High Price for Drug War and U.S. not Confident it Can be Won

WikiLeaks has released more cables as they relate to Mexico and its ongoing drug war. The cables show the U.S. not as positive that Mexico is winning its war agisnt the cartels and lays the blame for this on the country’s ineptitude, corruption, weak judicial and the enormity of the problem. I continue reading »

Mexican Town Has Just One Police Officer Left and Its a WOMAN

In a Mexican town of around 9,000, one police officer stands alone. Erika Gándara, 28, is now the sole officer in the town of Guadalupe. This Juarez Valley town has been riddled with violence, and with her semi-automatic weapon, an AR-15, and her bullet-proof vest, she is the town’s only protection. continue reading »

California’s Proposition 19 Not Supported by Mexican Government

Mexico’s President Calderon is opposed to California’s Prop 19 on legalizing Cannabis. Calderon has said he believes the legalization of marijuana is a dangerous experiment that would undermine the Us and Mexican efforts to control the powerful narco traffickers. continue reading »

Officials in Puerto Vallarta -Explosion that Injured dozens Was An Accident

At least 15 people are wounded after a grenade in a bar went off in Puerto Vallarta bar on Thursday. With violence an increasing problem all over Mexico it is easy to assume that this was just the latest in the violent attacks. Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez however, says the grenade going off was an accident. continue reading »