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Tag Results for "Drug Cartels"

5 Bodies Found in Flaming SUV Believed to be a Result of Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico

Investigators are attempting to piece together the events that led to five bodies being charred in a SUV in Arizona’s southern desert. According to reports, Border Patrol atte continue reading »

Blog del Narco: Police Station Riddled With Bullets

The town of San Cristobal de la Barranca, on the border of Jalisco and Zacatecas, was attacked by an armed commando who shot over 500 times. continue reading »

Mexico’s PRI Party Disavows Politician With Links to Cartels

Mexico's PRI, poised to retake the presidency this year after more than a decade in opposition, sought on Wednesday to distance itself from a prominent party member accused by U.S. authorities of taking bribes from drug cartels. continue reading »

Public Safety Group Says Mexico Home of World’s Deadliest Cities

Five of the world's 10 deadliest cities in 2011 are in Mexico, though a Honduran metropolis leads the list, the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice said. continue reading »

Mexico’s Los Zetas Using Encrypted Radio Networking to Conduct Business

Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel is now said to be using encrypted radio frequencies to covertly control their operations. The drug cartel has been using the encrypted radio network since 2006. It is said to be working in all of Mexico's 31 states as well as in Guatemala. continue reading »

Social Media Aiding in the Tracking of Drug Dealers in Mexico

As Mexico continues its battle with drug cartels, residents are taking to the internet to help authorities find the drug dealers in their neighborhoods. continue reading »

Songs of the Drug Lord: “Narcocorridos” Impose Their Own Fashion Trends

Vinyl jackets and T-shirts with prints of rifles and skulls are some of the fashion statements being made by fans of "narcocorridos": ballads about the lives, deaths and exploits of Mexican drug lords. continue reading »

Ambulance Ambushed in Mexico, Paramedics and Patients Shot and Killed

An ambulance in Mexico was ambushed in Ciudad Juarez on Wednesday and all people inside the emergency vehicle were killed say police. It is being reported that unidentified continue reading »

Mexico Elections Could be Filled With Drug Money

People should not rule out the possibility that drug money could play a "fundamental part" in the campaigns for Mexico's July 2012 general elections, drug expert Ricardo Ravelo said during the Guadalajara International Book Fair. continue reading »

Hundreds Gather in Juarez to Catch Glimpse of Pope John Paul II Relics and Pray for Peace

Hundreds of people gathered at a mass in Juarez Wednesday to honor the late Pope John Paul II. The large mass was held in the future location of a building to be named after him. continue reading »

MX Considering Jail Time for Those who Glorify Drug Trafficking and Violence

Mexican lawmakers want to punish those who promote violence and drug trafficking in films, on the radio, on television and over the Internet, including composers of the "narcocorridos," or ballads, that praise drug traffickers, with prison time, Congressman Oscar Arce told Efe. continue reading »

Mexican Army Seize Luxury Narco Ranch 100 Miles From the Border (VIDEO)

Last year, the Zetas begun extorting locals in Vallecillo, causing them to flee, leaving behind their properties that the criminals used for training quarters while upgrading its luxury standards. continue reading »

Mexico’s Drug War has Many Looking to Wizards, Witches and Warlocks for Protection

For many in Mexico, protection from the drug cartels can no longer be expected from local law enforcement or federal soldiers, so they have looked to other avenues for protection, sorcery. continue reading »

Narco Bullet Proofing Auto Shop Raided by Mexican Authorities

Mexican authorities have arrested a number of people at an auto shop in the state of Sinaloa, known to bulletproof vehicles used by drug cartels. The Su continue reading »

U.S. Officials Saying their Informants Have Successfully Infiltrated Drug Cartels

According to officials in both the U.S. and Mexico, U.S. law enforcement agencies have been able to increase their number of informants in Mexico in order to gain additional knowledge of the drug cartels south of the border. continue reading »

Mexican Drug Lords Complain U.S. Prison Conditions are Causing Psychological Harm

Detained Mexican drug lords are reportedly upset with the conditions of the U.S. prisons they are being held in, saying the unnecessarily harsh conditions may be causing them physical and psychological harm. continue reading »

As Narco Extortionists Demand Money From Teachers, Teachers Demand Government Protection

Teachers in Mexico have begun striking against the continuing crime and violence against them in their own schools. Tuesday, roughly 7,000 teachers marched in Aca continue reading »

Narco Censorship:  First-Ever Threat to Social Media Users Issued in Mexico

The Zetas and other narco traffickers in Mexico have used every threat known to man and have threatened about every demographic in Mexico from priests to journalists. Now apparently Los Zetas have issued a bloody and horrific threat to people using social network mediums like Facebook and Twitter. continue reading »

Relocate or Die: Mexican Entrepreneurs Migrate to the Interior Fleeing Violence, Insecurity

Edgar N. ran a profitable business in the state of Michoacán during most of his adult life, but after falling victim to extortion by local organized crime groups five years ago, he closed his export business and relocated to the state of Querétaro. continue reading »

House Committee Continues Investigation of Cartels’ Ability to Obtain U.S. Weapons

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is currently investigating how Mexico's drug cartels seem to be easily obtaining military-grade weapons from the United States. continue reading »