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Tag Results for "Drug Cartel Violence"

NARCO BLOG:  Gruesome Public Hanging of Half-Naked Woman Ends 2010 on Violent Note for Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico awoke with a terrible discovery in the last days of 2010, Tamez Gabriela Muniz, known as the Redhead or ‘Pelirroja’ appeared around 6:30 in the morning hanging from a bridge on the busy Avenida Gonzalitos. continue reading »

Separate Attacks in Monterrey Mexico Target Police, Leaving Four Dead and One Doctor Killed

Bold gunmen presumed to be linked to drug cartels killed four Mexican police officers and a doctor in separate but possibly coordinated attackes in Monterrey, Mexico. continue reading »

Decapitated Head Resting on Pillow Found on Streets of Ciudad Juarez

A decapitated head of a male victim was found resting on a pillow yesterday on the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Long deemed the deadliest city in Mexico, this apparent murder was just one of five that occurred Wednesday. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Horrific Find in Front of Popular Acapulco Bar- Skinned and Dismembered Bodies

Acapulco, a few years ago, used to be in high demand as a vacation spot. Today it is more common to see gun battles and gruesome death scenes. As gruesome discoveries of dead bodies continue reading »

Guatemala Continues Its Crackdown on Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in Its Country

This weekend the Guatemala government captured nearly twenty-two alleged Los Zetas cartel members and confiscated their automatic weapons and small planes in a nationwide sweep. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Drug Cartel Guns Coming from Texas

Eight of the twelve main suppliers of arms to the violent drug cartels in Mexico are located in Texas, according to year-long research conducted by the Washington Post. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: “El Ponchis” Mother Arrested and Due to Be Deported from San Diego (VIDEO)

Border Patrol agents in San Diego arrested Yolanda Lugo Jiménez, the mother of the child hit-man Edgar "El Ponchis" Jimenez Lugo and charged her in federal court with illegal re-entry after being previously deported, according to court documents. continue reading »

14-year Mexican Assassin is Actually American; To be Tried as Juvenile

‘El Ponchis’ the 14-year old alleged drug cartel hit man will be tried as a juvenile according to Mexican officials. Yesterday a judge in Morelos, continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: “This is What Will Happen to You” is Mssg Left with Two Mutilated Bodies in Acapulco

The Local Police of Acapulco have reported that two bodies were found hanging from a bridge in the town of Tunzingo, on the Federal Highway National Pinotepa Acapulco. One body hung on each side of the bridge. The bodies had been maimed, decapitated and skinned, with no arms and feet. continue reading »

WikiLeaks on Mexico:  Mexicans Paying High Price for Drug War and U.S. not Confident it Can be Won

WikiLeaks has released more cables as they relate to Mexico and its ongoing drug war. The cables show the U.S. not as positive that Mexico is winning its war agisnt the cartels and lays the blame for this on the country’s ineptitude, corruption, weak judicial and the enormity of the problem. I continue reading »

Another Grenade Attack in Monterrey (VIDEO)

Shortly after 19:00 hours on Saturday, C5 facilities in Monterrey were attacked once again, when a grenade was tossed at the judicial building. An armed commando in a luxury black SUV, was observed arriving on the scene located on National Highway and threw the explosive. continue reading »

Mexican Hired Killer’s Chilling Tale of Murder and Revenge (VIDEO)

Listen to the chilling interview by Mariana Sanchez of Al Jazeera as she interviews “George” a seasoned 26-year Mexican hit man. The interview delves into the hit squad of twelve-years old at his command and the different hits George has executed at least the ones he can remember. continue reading »

Former Director of Civil Protection Murdered in Sinaloa

Cirilo Martinez Garcia, got out of his vehicle to buy cigarettes in a store, when he was intercepted by an armed group and murdered. Garcia left his job 3 years ago as the Director of Civil Protection in area of Navolato, Sinaloa . continue reading »

Founding Member of Los Zetas “Z-18” Arrested in Puebla

The Attorney General for the Republic (PGR) confirmed that Gonzalo Ceresano Escribano, alias “Z-18” and/or “El Cuije”, was detained in Puebla . He is considered to be one of the founding members of “Los Zetas” and boss of the plaza in Puebla. continue reading »

Investigation confirmed for alleged links with drug traffickers to Los Tucanes de Tijuana

The Mexican Secretary of Public Safety, Leyzaola Julian Perez, confirmed a criminal investigation against members of Los Tucanes de Tijuana and their Representative, Mario Quintero, into alleged continue reading »

Shooting in Tampico Tampaulipis

Residents of the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, report a shooting incident on Thursday that spanned several hours Residents are frustrated by the indifference of the media. continue reading »

The U.S. military enters Mexico to patrol Ciudad Juarez

U.S. Army troops have arrived in Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua (north) to combat organized crime . They are working with local authorities to aid in intelligence work said Wednesday the state government's general secretary, Carlos Silveyra Saito. continue reading »

Drug Cartel Violence Costing Oil Industry $350,000/Day in Lost Revenue

Threats and violence by Mexican drug gangs are preventing some government oil workers from reaching installations in northern Mexico and costing state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) about $350,000 every day in lost production, a company official said. continue reading »

Mexico’s Lost Generation

A new generation of Mexican youth is being swept into the drug cartel wars with roles either as victim or perpetrator. As is the case in many country’s, including the U.S., a high rate of teen unemployment has made Mexico’s teens seek out cash and distraction in organized crime. continue reading »

Bloody Sunday in Ciudad Juarez

This weekend the most violent city in Mexico got bloodier, with separate shootings that left eighteen people dead in one day. In one incident seven bodies were found left for dead on the street, five of them in a car and two were on the roadside. The other incident involved a family of seven, all killed outside their home. continue reading »