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Tag Results for "Drug Cartel Violence"

Narco Blog: Man Suffers Having Both his Legs Cut Off- Claims Mistaken Identity

Last night, a man along with several friends was enjoying the Presa El Region, in Chihuahua. The evening was interrupted when the men were attacked by a group of armed criminals. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Two Executed Men Left in Car Trunk

Last night Police received a call that a car had been abandoned on the National Federal Highway Pinotepa in Acapulco. The car had been abandoned a few meters continue reading »

Narco Blog: Eight Zeta Cartel Members Arrested in San Luis Potosi

Mexican Army officials confirmed that they have captured eight members of the Los Zetas in San Luis Potosi. Official reports state that Authorities managed to captur continue reading »

Narco Blog: Five Human Heads left in Sack at School in Acapulco

The bloody events seem to have no end at the port of Acapulco, Guerrero. Authorities received an Emergency Service Alarm 066. It was reported that several human heads had been abandoned. The heads had been severed and were in advance stages of decay. They had all been placed in a sack. continue reading »

Dispatch From Mexico—Reynosa, a City Under Siege

It takes 30 minutes to reach Reynosa, Mexico, from McAllen, Texas. But it only takes 30 seconds to realize that it’s a town under siege. It’s a regular business day but most of the businesses are closed or empty. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Grenade Thrown at Police Station in Nuevo Leon

At approximately 10:00pm last night, a group of unknown heavily armed criminals arrived at the Ministry of Public Security Building in the State of Nuevo Leon in the North Delegation, located in San Bernabé. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Mother and Daughter Found Tortured and Dismembered in Monterrey

The was a grim discovery in the city of Monterrey as a group of unknown criminals arrived at the colony and dropped off the dismembered remains of two women who were placed inside several black plastic bags. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Chihuahua Confrontation causes Grito Ceremony to be Cancelled(Explicit Photos)

This week saw a clash between Drug Cartel criminals and the Mexican Army, specifically the 66 Infantry Battalion in Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua. continue reading »

Narco Blog: 19 Zetas Arrested including 7 Children

Elements of the Marina-Armada of Mexico dealt a major blow to organized crime drug Cartel Los Zetas. 19 criminals were captured in the town of Anahuac, Nuevo Leon. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Veracruz Gov sends out Twitter Message After 40 bodies Dumped on Hwy (PHOTO WARNING )

As previously reported there was a macabre scene in Boca del Rio, Veracruz, during the busy rush hour traffic. 40 bodies, 35 of them that were still complete and five that had been dismembered. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Executed Man Pulled from River ( Warning Explicit Photos)

Violence is on the increase in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. Citizens complain it no longer feel safe and more Police are needed on the streets. The body of a male person was found floating in the Laguna de Las Salinas yesterday. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Four Men, One Woman Working for Zeta Cartel Captured

The Federal Police report that through the Department of Intelligence work they have caught five members of the criminal organization of the Zetas, in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. The mission took place late last week the colony New Dawn, located right in the intersection of Satellite and Star. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Executions at Independence Day Celebration

Just a few minutes before the ceremony of the Grito de Independencia in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila was set to begin, gunfire broke out. The State Emergency 066 System was activated once the call was received. continue reading »

Executions at Independence Day Celebration- HS News Narco Blog

Just a few minutes before the ceremony of the Grito de Independencia in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila was set to begin, gunfire broke out. The State Emergency 066 System was activated once the call was received. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Two Youth Murdered in Acapulco-Warning- Graphic Photos

Yesterday, two youths were murdered at El Mirador, Cherry Street Colony Palms Garden, in Acapulco, Guerrero. The two youths, aged between 17 and 20 years old, were surprised by several gunmen who shot them repeatedly. Neighbors said the boys did not live in the immediate neighborhood and the young men failed to be identified. continue reading »

Narco Blog: 19 Members of La Familia Michoacana Cartel Captured

Officials from the Office of Justice of the State of Mexico reported that they have captured 19 members of the La Familia Michoacana, Cartel. These members operate in a cell in Villa del Carbon , Jilotepec Aculco, Polotitlán, Soyaniquilpan, and Chapa Mota. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Two 15 Year Old Boys Executed in Acapulco ( Warning- Explicit Photos)

Violence continues to increase in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero. Yesterday gunmen from one of the drug cartels operating in the area killed two youths. The first incident occurred at approximately 17:30 pm when a young man about 15 years was shot when he was at the intersection of José Luis Curiel. Manuel Gomez Morin continue reading »

Narco Blog: “The Smurf” and 12 Other Zeta Members Captured

Officers of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico captured 13 members of the criminal organization Los Zetas in the state of Veracruz. One of the suspects was identified as Hector Tejeda Vazquez, aka The Smurf, who is under investigation in the murder of a sailor whose body, was found in Playa de Vaca. continue reading »

Gulf Cartel Leader And Police Officer Found Murdered (Warning Explicit Photos)

Samuel Flores Borrego, aka “The M3”, was executed in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. The body of the M3, was found in a Ford Lobo vehicle which was abandoned in Monterrey-Reynosa Highway. Next to him and also killed was one of his close friends, identified as Eloy García Lerma. continue reading »

Narco Blog: GunmenTorture then Execute 17 Year Old

Gunmen entered a home in the colony Zepeda Eugenio Barrio Alto Cojumatlán of boiling, Michoacan. They confronted the young boy who was inside his house. continue reading »