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Tag Results for "Drug Cartel Violence In Mexico"

Mexican ‘Twitter Terrorists’ Face Thirty Years for Inciting Fear in Veracruz

Two people, dubbed the ‘Twitter Terrorists’, caused widespread panic in Veracruz, Mexico through twitter messages insinuating drug cartels were kidnapping children out of local schools, so much so that they are both facing 30 year prison sentences. continue reading »

Firebombing Massacre at Casino Royale in Mexico Prompts U.S. Reaction

As the investigation continues into the firebombing at Monterrey, Mexico's Casino Royale the audacity of the crime has prompted a response from the U.S. and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This is one of the few times that the U.S. has issued a response to a specific act of violence in Mexico. Nonetheless, U.S. felt it was necessary to reassert its' solidarity to Mexico and commitment as a crime-fighting partner. continue reading »

Fiery Massacre in Mexico Leaves at Least 53 Dead, President Declares National Mourning (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Mexico's Felipe Calderon has just declared a national day period of mourning for the victims of the casino massacre. There will be three days of mourning starting today. continue reading »

“The Hand with Eyes” Cartel Leader Captured, Ordered & Carried Out 600 Murders in Mexico City

The leader of a brutal drug cartel faction operating in Mexico City, “The Hand With Eyes”, has been captured and arrested for being involved in the killings of 600 individuals. continue reading »

Mexico’s President Calderon:  “Every Life Lost is a Human Being Not a Statistic”

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon addressed the National Public Safety Council meeting, which he also heads, where he said: "Every one of those who have lost their lives must be seen as a human being and not as a statistic." continue reading »

Massive Caravan of Peace Kicks off in Mexico Against Government Ineptness in the Drug Wars (VIDEO)

Civil disobedience is not out of order and a ‘legitimate’ response to the unprecedented drug-related violence in Mexico says Mexican poet Javier Sicilia. Sicilia also happens to be the father of slain continue reading »

Body Parts Scattered Near Mexican Presidential Residence – Los Pinos

The up-scale neighborhood in Mexico City, home to museums and Los Pinos, has come face-to-face with the gruesome face of violence in Mexico. continue reading »

Five Women Found Savagely Murdered in Acapulco, Victims Include 14-Year Old

The beautiful beach resort town of Acapulco is the scene of two bloody murder scenes, both involving women as the victims. continue reading »

59 Bodies Found in Mass Grave, While Mexican Police Were Investigating Migrant Kidnappings

While Mexican authorities were investigating reports that armed men were stopping buses and kidnapping passengers in Tamaulipas, they came upon a grisly discovery. continue reading »

U.S. Drones Are Helping to Fight Mexico’s Drug War

The Mexican government confirmed the use of the droids in a statement released Wednesday. Though Mexico is appreciative of the assistance, many are questioning the U.S.’s interference in a country long known for being proud of their independence. continue reading »

Murdered ICE Agent Identified; Zeta Drug Cartel Lead Suspect in Ambush Killing

Though U.S. officials have not disclosed the names of the two Immigration and Customs (ICE) agents that were ambushed yesterday afternoon in Mexico, local Texas publications continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Victims Found Cooked in Oil Vats Near Cancun, May Indicate New Cartel in Area

Authorities found three industrial bins containing human remains, on a farm in the of town Leona Vicario, near Cancun Quintana Roo. continue reading »

Acapulco Closes the Weekend with 27 People Killed in Less Than a Day, 14 Decapitated

The fabled resort of Acapulco has just closed its bloodiest weekend and a stain on its reputation that may be hard to erase. In less than a day the city say 27 killed, 14 of those were decapitated and gruesomely displayed at a nearby shopping center. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Severed Hands Found at Entrance to Mexican Church

The hands of a man were found at dawn today in the front doorway to a Catholic church located in the village of El Vainllo in Mazatlán, Mexico. In the same place police found a warning message – ‘this is what happens to thieves and liars’. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: 13 Mexican Mayors Executed in 2010

During 2010 there have been 13 executions of locally elected throughout the country. All of them losing their lives in the hands of organized crime in different states of Mexico. continue reading »

U.S. Officials Meet with 14-Year Old Mexican Assassin; Two Sisters also Drug Cartel Members

U.S. Embassy officials in Mexico met with the 14-year alleged assassin in prison to assure his safety and inform him of his rights in a foreign country, should he indeed be a U.S. citizen. continue reading »

Overnight in Mexico:  Two Mexican Drug Rehab Centers Target of Attacks

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico was once again the target of a bloody weekend when two drug rehabilitation centers were attacked leaving four dead. continue reading »

14-Year Old Mexican Assassin Captured While Fleeing to U.S.

The Mexican government is announcing the capture of a 14-year old unidentified assassin that is alleged to have murdered four victims via decapitation while working for a drug cartel. Other reports set the killers age at 12. continue reading »

Armed Commando Ambushes Family in Colima

A family was traveling in a Nissan van through the town of Cerro de Ortega in the state of Colima when they were attacked by an armed commando. continue reading »

Mexico Sending more Troops to Northeast Region to Stem Violence

The Mexican government has unveiled a new initiative “Coordinated Operation Northeast” aimed at stemming the violence in two northeast states Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas which shares a 560 mile border with Texas. continue reading »