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Tag Results for "Dream Act"

Michelle Phillips to Perform “California Dreamin” at DREAM ACT March This Week

On March 12, 2011, constituents of the National Hispanic Media Coalition and a host of other organizations, as well as other interested community members, will march in Los Angeles to launch continue reading »

National Hispanic GOP Group Announces Immigration Solution

A healthy and legal immigration solution will secure our borders, create a safer North American Continent and promote a stronger relationship with our contiguous neighbors. Enforcement-only initiatives promote a situation that continue reading »

DREAM Act and the 2012 Election

In December 2005 H.R. 4437, aka the “Sensenbrenner Bill” was passed by the House of Representatives and the issue of immigration became front page news in American politics. continue reading »

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Meets with Hispanic Teens

The Senior Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, came to the battle ground where his former senatorial opponent Sharon Angle was declared ‘finished’ – the Rancho High School. continue reading »

DREAMActers Sending Speaker Boehner Some Valentines Day Love

Supporters of the Dream Act through the organization DreamActivist.org want to keep the issue of the DREAM Act alive and center anywhere it can. So it thought of a unique concept to reach out to the Republican Speaker of the House continue reading »

U. of Puerto Rico Students Protest Additional Fees; Other College News

Students at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras protested against a special fee last week. The $800 fee is “intended to compensate for the university’s budget deficit.” A two-month tudent strike took place last spring and shut down the entire university until an agreement was made, which stated that the university would not demand the fee until January 2011. continue reading »

Michelle Obama Urges Latinos to Put Pressure on Republicans to Support Immigration Reform

In an interview with Univision, First Lady Michelle Obama said that President Obama wanted to pass immigration legislation but could not due to a lack of Republican support. Mrs. Obama calls on Latino’s to put pressure on Republicans to support immigration reform. continue reading »

Greek Unites Blacks and Latinos as Brother Faces Deportation

During a routine traffic stop, an undocumented student was arrested and taken to jail, but his fraternity brothers would not stand for it, and came out in force in support of their brother. continue reading »

The Latino Policy Forum This Saturday 2/5 at West Side Tech Institute

The Latino Policy Forum will join Governor Pat Quinn, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), and 52 co-sponsoring organizations on Saturday to tackle major issues facing Illinois immigrants. continue reading »

Another DREAM Acter Facing Deportation, Detained En Route to His Christian College Classes

Nineteen year-old David Morales dreams to pursue a college education to become a Christian pastor have been put on hold indefinitely as he faces deportation after being detained en route to start college. continue reading »

Aspiring Marine, Orphan Faces Deportation

On Tuesday, January 18th, friends of Pedro Gutierrez, met at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix to show their support for the DREAMer who is currently facing deportation. continue reading »

UC Berkeley Chancellor Links Tucson Shooting to Immigration Debate

Striking up controversy while commenting on last weekend’s shooting, a University of California Berkeley chancellor sent an e-mail linking the Tucson shooting to Arizona’s war on undocumented immigration, and the downfall of the DREAM Act. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS: DREAM Act Foe, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Won’t Seek Reelection

Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she will retire from the Senate when her term expires in 2012. continue reading »

Fix The Senate: A Call for Filibuster Reform Hits the Floor

The filibuster is why health care reform didn't contain a public health care option similar to Medicare; it's why no meaningful climate legislation was passed; why even non-controversial judges were denied confirmation despite a crisis in the judiciary; and why even the bipartisan DREAM Act wasn't even brought to the floor. continue reading »

Faces of the DREAM Act: California College Student Faces Deportation

Elizabeth Lee, born in Peru, faces deportation to a country she barely knows. After Melissa Lee, Elizabeth’s mother, was arrested for the third time last May, Elizabeth went from looking forward to attending UC Berkeley to worrying about being deported back to Peru. continue reading »

HISPANIC HATE:  DREAM Acter, President of Fresno Student Body, Target of Hate Website

On November 18 we wrote about Pedro Ramirez’ dual role in life: Cal State Fresno Student Body President and undocumented student. An anonymous tip took him, initially uncomfortably, out of the shadows to the forefront of the DREAM Act and why it is so desperately needed in this country. continue reading »

Bah Hum Bug: Republicans Say Passing DREAM Act Next Year Highly Unlikely

In reaction to President Obama’s recent vow to fight for immigration reform in the next legislative session, Republican’s have pronounced immigration reform dead on arrival. continue reading »

Catholic Bishops Issue Statement on DREAM Act’s Failure to Pass “Setback, Not a Defeat”

Archbishop Jose Gomez, coadjutor archbishop of Los Angeles and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration, today described the vote on the DREAM Act in the U.S. Senate as a “setback, not a defeat.” continue reading »

President Obama Meets with Hispanic Caucus Vows Immigration Reform is 2011 Priority

President Obama met this morning for 45 minutes in the Oval Office with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus where he vowed his commitment to passing some form of immigration reform legislation. continue reading »

Current Illegal Alien Border Apprehensions Down by 17%

United States Border Patrol Illegal Alien Apprehensions by Fiscal Year (October 1st through September 30th) continue reading »