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Tag Results for "Dream Act"

Just In: Gov. Jerry Brown signs California Dream Act

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the California Dream Act, AB 131, that allows undocumented immigrants attending California universities to receive state-funded financial aid. continue reading »

LGBTQ and Immigration Reform: Two Movements Joined at the Heart

Late last month, Congressmen Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL, 4th) and Mike Quigley (D-IL, 5th) met with leaders of the Chicago's LGBTQ Immigrant Rights Coalition, an emerging alliance between members of the LGBT and immigrant communities who find themselves in a political struggle for basic rights. continue reading »

If You Oppose the DREAM Act, You’re No Moderate on Immigration

Perry and Rubio Say they Support In-State Tuition But Oppose the DREAM Act. Position Defies Logic, Alienates Latinos While immigration has emerged as a flashpoint in the Republican presidential primary, the fact remains: not one of the leading candidates supports the DREAM Act. continue reading »

Watch The President’s Answers to Hispanic Roundtable Questions (VIDEO)

Yesterday, President Obama answered questions on a vast range of subjects, asked by a panel of reps from three Hispanic online media outlets. continue reading »

Stop Matias’ Deportation- Sign Petition Here

After years of fighting for the DREAM Act and an opportunity to gain legal status, Matias Ramos was told by immigration authorities to leave the country in less than 14 days. continue reading »

Undocumented Students Turning to the Internet for Financial Help for School

However, some students have turned to the internet for a solution, and found success in raising money for their education. Sites like gofundme.com allow people to set up fundraisers for them continue reading »

What Can Latinos Learn from the Tea Party Debate?

Well the first ever Tea Party Republican debate is over and what did the Latino voter and the Latino populace in general learn? As writer Andres Oppenheimer noted, ‘These guys don’t like us’ and I will expound on that and say they don’t like anyone probably not even themselves. continue reading »

CA Dream Act Clears Senate

Without much debate, the California state Senate on Wednesday passed AB 131 in a vote of 22-11, reports La Opinión. The second of two bills known as the California Dream Act, the bill would give undocumented college students access to state-funded financial aid. continue reading »

Georgia Professors Start ‘Freedom U’ for Undocumented Students Unable to Attend State Universities

As students across the country return to their various education institutions, a group of university professors in Georgia are offering undocumented students an continue reading »

POLL: Most Voters Oppose Public Schooling, Tuition Breaks & Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

The Obama administration announced last week that it was slowing the deportation process for "low priority" immigration cases to focus on illegal immigrants with criminal records. continue reading »

Gutierrez Calls DHS Deportation Announcement An Important Victory For Sensible Immigration Policy

The review of pending deportation cases and the instructions to all elements of DHS over how immigrants that meet certain criteria should be handled has come after months of sustained advocacy by Congressman Gutierrez, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, other Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, and determined public pressure by from clergy, advocates, immigrants, and DREAM Act students nationwide. continue reading »

Cheer the President, Boo His Motives

The decision made by the Obama administration this week to focus its deportation efforts on serious threats to national security should be applauded by Latinos and progressives alike. It seems that President Obama has finally expressed his support for the Latino base that helped elect him in 2008. continue reading »

(R) Sen. Orrin Hatch Ditches DREAMer’s at Campaign Office & Calls Police on Them

The Republican senior Senator from Utah was hosting an ‘open’ house at one of his campaign headquarters that apparently wasn’t that open and friendly to DREAM Act students that showed up. continue reading »

Texas Gov. Perry’s Changing Stance on Immigration Could Hurt His Presidential Campaign

Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) image among Hispanics have changed in the last ten years. In 2001, he pushed for education for undocumented immigrants and their children, but in 2011, continue reading »

Microsoft, Experts Stress Need for High-Skilled Immigration in Senate Hearing

While the House Judiciary Committee focused on a very different part of immigration yesterday, its Senate counterpart held a hearing on “The Economic Imperative for Enacting Immigration Reform.” In the hearing, witnesses testified that immigration reform that makes it easier for high-skilled immigrants to come work in the U.S. is not only good policy, but an economic necessity. Brad Smith, General Counsel and Senior VP for Legal and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft testified that smart immigration reform could create more jobs for American workers, something the economy needs as our nation struggles to recover from the recession. continue reading »

Deportations Hit 1 Million Since Obama Sworn -In- Sign Petition To HALT Dreamer Deportations

One million[1] -- as unbelievable as it sounds, that’s the number of immigrants the Obama Administration has deported since the President was sworn into office. continue reading »

Even With College Degree, Young Illegal Immigrants Face Low-Skill Jobs

In the same week that California opened up some financial aid for illegal immigrants, a new report finds that many college graduates who entered the country illegally ended up with the same low-skill jobs as their parents, despite dreams of bettering their lives. continue reading »

WATCH:  Rep. Luis Guitierrez Arrested in Front of White House Protesting Immigrant Deportations

Yesterday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Democrat from Illinois, was arrested at 4:40 pm (EST) for protesting in front of the White House with others against the deportation of undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

Republican Presidential Candidates Turn Down Chance to Speak at NCLR Conference

Monday, President Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza annual conference and recommitted himself to working towards getting the DREAM Act passed and work towards immigration reform, but along with the President, Republican presidential candidates were invited to address the conference. However, NCLR’s President said all nine turned down the invitation. continue reading »

Senator Menendez Responds to President Obama’s Remarks at the NCLR Annual Conference (BILINGUAL)

US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Senate Democratic Task Force and author of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, today released the following statement in response to President Obama’s remarks at the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference: continue reading »