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Tag Results for "Dr Ellen Mcmahon"

Forcing Bulbs

We are just entering spring and the last of my bulbs are blooming. From November to March I try to keep flowers blooming in my house. I think there is something very welcoming and homey about having plants blooming in the house in the winter. continue reading »

A Gracious Goodbye

I have been on the faculty of the College of Management and Business at National Louis University since 1989. In this day and age of great mobility and job insecurity that is a very long time to work in one place. continue reading »

Will the seasons ever change?

This time of year, that teasing season between winter and spring, it is hard to believe those of us in the Midwest will ever be warm again. Just as the sun begins to shine and warm our weary bones and you consider getting the kids’ winter coats cleaned and put away for next year, continue reading »

Rhythms of Life

This time of year, with winter continuing longer that anyone thinks it should, I find myself wanting to do nothing more than stay home curled up with a good book or just puttering around the house doing usually avoided chores. continue reading »

When is work play?

When my oldest daughter, now a teacher in Nevada, was young she rode horses. We lived far from the barn and so she didn’t get to go to the barn everyday but only a few times each week. So when she did get to the barn she gave it her all. continue reading »

Do you have a career or a job?

Most of us are not in a position to engage in volunteer work and community service, or even a life of leisure, full time. We have to work. We need the routine pay check to meet our financial needs and a job can do that. continue reading »

The Art of Delegation

For most of us there is just not enough time in the day. We are often busy from morning till night and still feel like we don’t get enough done. But here is a very odd phenomena, continue reading »