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Tag Results for "Dominican Republic"

No Problems with Tourists and Cholera Say Government of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic authorities say that no new cases of cholera have been reported, leaving the number of cases at four and they are doing all they to keep it that way. continue reading »

Haiti Cholera Spreads to Neighboring Dominican Republic

Close sanitary monitoring aimed at preventing the spread of cholera from Haiti to the Dominican Republic (DR) has resulted in the authorities isolating the first case of the disease at a local hospital. continue reading »

Haitians Abandoning Children in Dominican Republic Hospitals

So far this year, at least 15 Haitian children, some infected with HIV, have been abandoned at the Arturo Grullon Children's Hospital in Santiago, Dominican Republic. continue reading »

Spain to Aid the Dominican Republic to Expand Access to Clean Water in Poorest Regions

The Dominican Republic will provide or improve water and sanitation services for at least 205,000 people in low-income rural and peri-urban communities using financial support from the Government of Spain and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Dominican Republic Responds to Neighborhing Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak

In response to the outbreak of cholera in neighboring Haiti, Dominican authorities are strengthening preventive measures aimed at keeping cholera out of the country. More than 3,000 cases of cholera have hit Haiti with 250 fatalities, 14 of them along the Haiti-Dominican border. continue reading »

New Ecotourism Website Puts Far-Flung Nature Sites a Mere Mouse Click Away

Created by the UN Environment Program and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the site provides in-depth information on both the leading lights and hidden gems of the conservation world, allowing visitors to upload photographs of their trips to protected areas, write travelogues for Wikipedia and recommend places of interest nearby, data that can be shared through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. continue reading »

Jesuit Priests from Dominican Republic Held by Immigration Officials in Florida

Jesuit priests Rogelio Cruz and Regino Martinez Breton were delayed by US Immigration officials at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport over the weekend. Father Rogelio, assigned to a rural parish in the province o continue reading »

Dominican Republic President Visits Chicago Over the Weekend

On the last leg of his 13-day US tour, Dominican President Leonel Fernandez visited Chicago and threw out the first pitch at the Cellular Field on Saturday where the White Sox played the Cleveland Indians continue reading »

U.S. Donating $5 Million to Dominican Republic to Reduce Drug Trafficking

The United States will donate US$5 million to the Dominican Republic as part of the Caribbean Basis Security Initiative (CBSI). The CBSI came to be in April 2010 when the leaders of the Caribbean nations met with President Barack Obama continue reading »