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Tag Results for "Dominican Republic"

A Wedding in Haiti

Pew Profile on Dominicans in the U.S.

An estimated 1.5 million Hispanics of Dominican origin resided in the United States in 2010, according to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Dominicans in this statistical profile are people who self-identified as Hispanics of Dominican origin; this means either they themselves are Dominican immigrants or they trace their family ancestry to the Dominican Republic. continue reading »

Propane Gas Poisons 25 at Dominican Tobacco Processing Plant

At least 25 workers were poisoned on Thursday when they inhaled propane gas that leaked from some tanks located at a tobacco processing plant in the town of Licey al Medio in the northern Dominican province of Santiago. continue reading »

95% of Bananas from Dominican Republic Went to Europe in 2010

According to DR1, the Dominican Republic exported bananas to Europe for a total of US$198,000,000 in 2010, through the sale of 303,000 tons of bananas. continue reading »

Dominican Republic Removes 68 City Dump Child Laborers

The Domincan Republic’s Department of Labor along with the Unit against Child Labor (UTI) removed 68 children working at the Rafey dump in Santiago as well as the city market, ‘Hospedaje Yaque.’ continue reading »

U.S. Revokes Visas of Dominican Republic Presidential Advisors, Narco Ties are Alleged

The government of the United States revoked the visas of three close advisors to the Dominican Republic’s President Leonel Fernández, as well as the Dominican Chief of Border Security according to Univision. continue reading »

Dominican Republic Launches Social Network Campaign to Boost Tourism

The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism has taken the idea of social networking to a new level with their 2012 Dominican Republic social media-inspired ad campaign. continue reading »

Revered Haitian-Dominican Advocate, Sonia Pierre Dies at 48

Sonia Pierre, the outspoken defender of the rights of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, died suddenly yesterday of a massive heart attack at the age of 48. continue reading »

Boat Carrying Some 95 Undocumented Dominicans Sinks Enroute to Puerto Rico, 3 Dead, Many Missing

At least three people died and an undetermined number are missing after a boat carrying some 95 undocumented Dominicans to Puerto Rico sank a few miles off the beach at Matancita, the Dominican Civil Defense agency announced Sunday. continue reading »

Andy García, Eva Longoria Shooting Film in The Dominican Republic

Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker are currently in the Dominican Republic to film part of the action/suspense thriller "The Truth," Diario Libre newspaper said Tuesday. continue reading »

Dominican Republic First Lady to Be Vice Presidential Candidate in Upcoming Election

The ruling PLD party has proclaimed First Lady Margarita Cedeno de Fernandez as its vice presidential candidate for the next elections in 2012 when her husband's term finishes. continue reading »

Dominican Jose Pimentel Named as NYC Terror Suspect

Jose Pimentel, 27, a U.S. Citizen from the Dominican Republic has been arrested in New York City as an alleged terror suspect this evening. NYC officials say Pimentel was an Al Qaeda continue reading »

Swiss Man Smuggles 261 Mexican Tarantulas From Dominican Republic

The Zurich Customs Investigation Office has released a statement saying hundreds of tarantulas have been seized at a Swiss airport after suspicious containers were searched. continue reading »

WOW! Dominican’s Love to Buy Lottery Tickets

Dominicans spend RD$70 million (almost $2 million USD) every day on lottery tickets of one sort or another, and there are twice as many places to purchase a lottery ticket than there were five years ago. continue reading »

Domincan Republic Unveils Country’s First Wind Farm

As part of the country’s plan to put up $770 million worth of wind farms through 2015 , the Dominican Republic unveiled its first on Tuesday. continue reading »

Labor Secretary Signs Agreements with Dominican & El Salvador to Protect Migrant Workers Rights

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis signed joint declarations and letters of arrangement with Ambassador Aníbal de Castro of the Dominican Republic, Ambassador Muni Figueres Boggs of Costa Rica continue reading »

Internet Hacker Anonymous Threatens Dominican Republic Govt. Sites (VIDEO)

The internet hacker group, Anonymous, is now threatening to attack the government websites of the Dominican Republic in retaliation for what the group perceives as inadequate education for their young. continue reading »

Supporters Shave Heads in Solidarity With Hugo Chávez

On Friday, six men from the Dominican Republic shaved their heads in support of Chávez in front of the Venezuelan embassy in the island. The group was invited Sunday to Miraflores palace, where they were greeted by Chávez himself, who hugged them and posed for a few candid shots with them. continue reading »

Former Miss Universe Amelia Vega at the Miss Republica Dominicana US™ 2011 Pageant

At the gala, former Miss Universe Amelia Vega will be performing two songs from her upcoming album "Agua Dulce" available to the public August 30th, 2011. This will be the first exclusive and live performance by Amelia Vega of her songs prior to the official release in New York. continue reading »

Hormonal Disorder Making Dominican Boys Grow Breasts (VIDEO)

The disorder could have been detected and prevented early on, but due to a precarious financial situation, the Ramírez boys have never seen an specialist. continue reading »