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Tag Results for "Dominican Players"

Giant’s Melky Cabrera Gets 50 Game Suspension, Tests Positive for Banned Substance

San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera has been given a 50 game suspension, that may carry in next season, for testing positive for testosterone, a banned performance-enhancing substance. continue reading »

Mayor Bloomberg Gives Johan Santana Keys to the City

Before the second round of the subway series got under way New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented Johan Santana the key to the city. Santana threw his no-hitter June 1 against the Cardinals in the franchise’s 8,020th game. continue reading »

MLB Teams Pays Multi-Million Dollar Signing Bonuses to Several 16-Year Old Dominican Players

Major League baseball teams have recently given several Dominican Republic teenagers multi-million dollar signing bonuses and multi-million dollar playing contracts during the first days of the international signing period. continue reading »