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Tag Results for "Domestic Abuse"

NYPD Sued: No Spanish-Speakers for Domestic Violence Victims

Five Latina women have brought a federal lawsuit against the New York Police Department for not providing Spanish-speakers when they were involved in domestic abuse situations. continue reading »

Screening Women for Domestic Violence Could Help Prevent Abuse

Review shows benefits of routine checks at clinics, in doctors' offices. Routine screening of women for domestic violence could reduce cases of abuse and injuries, a new analysis indicates. continue reading »

Latino Blotter: Machete Attack Leads to Severed Hands of Ex-Girlfriend

Lawyer for Armando Vergara-Martinez (49) announced that the accused would plead guilty to attempted murder and avoid trial in a machete attack against his ex-girlfriend. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Cop Arrested for Assaulting Girlfriend he Says Attacked him With Justin Bieber Doll

A Colorado cop is now on desk duty after he reportedly assaulted his girlfriend allegedly in self-defense after a 'Justin Bieber' doll attack. continue reading »

How Congress Can Better Protect Immigrant Victims of Crime

This week the Washington Post reported on two laws that protect victims of domestic abuse who are also immigrants. The story profiles women who were literally saved from abusive relationships by law enforcement who then guided them to programs that offer a special form of immigration relief for victims. continue reading »

It’s Time to Talk: More Than One-Third of Americans Have Never Discussed Domestic Violence

New Allstate Foundation campaign sparks conversation during Domestic Violence Awareness Month; new symbol makes starting the conversation easier continue reading »

Meet Maria José Cristerna, The Mexican Vampire Woman

Hard to look at for some, impossible not to stare for others, the body of this lawyer from México tells a story of overcoming domestic violence, and finding an identity through body modification. continue reading »